January 23, 2017

Canadian Company, Cannabismo, Provides High-Quality Cannabis Products

January 23, 2017

The marijuana industry has become one of most booming industries in the United States. Opportunities for profit in the cannabis business have only just started to be realized since the 2014 legalization of recreational cannabis in Colorado and Washington. Cannabismo, a Canadian company that offers products for marijuana enthusiasts are trying to keep up with the US..

More and more states in the U.S. have started to become more accepting of cannabis use. Whether it be legalizing cannabis, making cannabis legal for medicinal purposes, or decriminalizing use of cannabis, a more tolerant society of its use has started to become established.

However, it’s not just the United States that has taken on this accepting nature of cannabis. Countries around the world have also started to reap the benefits. For example, Canada legalized cannabis for medicinal use back in 2001, and it is expected that recreational adult use will be in place by 2017.

One Canadian company who is working to help push the cannabis policy and industry forward is Cannabismo. With over 15 years in the medical marijuana industry, the staff are not only educated about the movement and the plant overall, but they’re committed to providing the best cannabis products that Canada has to offer.

Cannabismo is a one-stop shop for all medical marijuana needs. The web-based, mail-order company offers a wide variety of premium flowers, concentrates, topicals & tinctures, and delicious edibles. Cannabismo offers over 40 unique strains of the most premium flowers on the market.

With that many options, there’s definitely something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an Indica, Sativa, hybrid, or something in between, it’s easy to find the right one for you. And, with the option to order anywhere from 1 to 28 grams, you can try several new varieties or stock up on your favorite.

White Castle is one of the flower strains offered by Cannabismo.

Some patients prefer concentrates, and Cannabismo offers a wide variety of those, too—more than 50 different options of brands, flavors, and applications with a host of different therapeutic benefits. “Some of our extracts are as high as 80% THC, while others offer a totally “high-less” experience. Contact our customer service at any time if you need a personalized recommendation,” says a company representative.

Cannacure’s Black Ice shatter is just one of the concentrates that Cannabismo offers.

Cannabismo also offers topical lotions, balms, and oils for the relief of pain and inflammation. “Not every company has gotten into topicals, but we are big believers. Many of our patients deal with painful arthritis and other conditions that have been vastly improved by our topicals.”

Edibles are a fast-growing industry, and Cannabismo is proud to offer the very best and most delicious options in edible (and drinkable) cannabis. “Our favorite is the Baked Edibles Peanut Butter Cup. They are made right here in Victoria, BC. They are so delicious—we can hardly keep them in stock!” says a Cannabismo spokesperson.

The Baked Edibles Peanut Butter Cup offered by Cannabismo.

“Our priorities are simple: we want to provide quality products that truly help people, and we work hard to provide a secure, reliable, and fun shopping experience for our patients,” explained a spokesperson for Cannabismo.

Patients are singing their praises. Jeff Hardy, a repeat customer, writes, “This is the pinnacle and absolute only dispensary I will ever buy from. After 3 separate purchases of varying quantities, I have to say that the delivery is top notch and the product is stellar!” Cannabismo management is excited to see where the future of medical marijuana leads it. “The industry is growing, products are improving. We’ve been doing this for 15 years now and can’t wait to see what happens in the next 15.”

cannabismoCannabismo is a Canadian company that can only cater to Canadian residents. Mail order to other countries is illegal. Learn more about Cannabismo here: https://cannabismo.ca.



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