September 23, 2016

CHARLOS Place Birthday Cyber Sesh

September 23, 2016

The Lynching of Charlo Greene Blog Post #2:

Its my birthday.
2 years ago today I broke the entire fucking internet and
became a living legend at 26 for executing one of the
greatest PR plays that resulted in Alaska legalizing
Today is more my birthday, than my biological birthday. Im
gonna celebrate with weed.
What followed after fuck it:
I created Alaskas only safe access point, the Alaska Cannabis
Club, which remains the only safe place for the states
thousands of medical patients
I created Go Greene, a nonprofit that organizes the
successful Cannabis Diversity Summit outreach event series.
Weve held more than 6 educational events this year for
communities of color.
I produce and host my own talk show which has reached more
than 33 million people since starting this May (thats more
viewers than most primetime shows btw and more viewers than
my last news station KTVA 11 News gets in a decade lol)
In 2 weeks my medical marijuana pre-roll company goes live in
In 2 months, my womens cannabis magazine, Her Flower
Magazine, will be printing 10,000 free copies and
distributing them across North America as well as making it
available online.
And soon Ill be releasing my first music video, featuring a
song I wrote and recorded, which will be followed by my EP
and a smoke session/listening tour. Yes, I make music and its
fucking amazing. Like Wiz Khalifa meets Dej Loaf meets a
pound of purp lol. Im sooooo excited to share this with
Then my trial, the states effort to jail me for 24 years for
taking a stand and refusing to turn my back on the states
medical marijuana patients, will begin.
Did I know I would be facing a lifetime behind bars for
standing up for cannabis and justice and freedom? No.
Would I do anything differently seeing where things
Yes. I wouldve left Alaska immediately after fuck it knowing
that none of the residents actually had my back or would be
willing to stand up for me none except the one guy that
showed up to my first hearing. I wouldve gone ANYwhere else
but here, because in Alaska, and Im sure anyone thats made it
from a small town can agree: the most vocal people, who have
the most free time because they have nothing going on for
themselves think that my come up means itll cost them theirs.
They see opportunities to do or be great as limited and see
me as a threat to their ability to create a legacy. So
instead of support I was immediately put under attack by the
people I sacrificed everything for who justified the backlash
after reading a few shitty local opinion pieces (that were
dripping with racism about how ghetto and classless I, a
person these people had only every known as a news anchor
before fuck it, was) that were disguised as news.
I wouldve left sooner and gone anywhere else.
But I didnt. I stayed and kept my commitment to continue
providing safe access to the people that needed it most and
Im looking at a lifetime behind bars because of it and the
people of Alaska remain silent as the state uses their tax
dollars to fund a modern day lynching of the one voice
willing to speak out. Alaskans Outside of that, theres
nothing Id change.
I live everyday like it could be my last because in less than
a year, its a very real possibility that I will be locked in
a cage and not let out until Im 62. That means no kids. No
family. No nothing. So, thats an upside to the trial, Ive
been forced to value each day that much more knowing that I
may not have many left.
Any who Happy Birthday to me. Ill only be accepting gifts of
weed today. And none of that boo boo shit.
Join me for a live cyber sesh in a couple of hours. Well do a
live Ask Me Anything to celebrate this momentous occasion.

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