6 Best Stoner Christmas Gifts for 2016


There's only a couple of weeks left before Christmas (or whatever you choose to celebrate during the holiday season), and if you're still looking for the best stoner Christmas gifts, we've got you covered.

These gifts are sure to guarantee that marijuana love in your life is filled with merry this holidaze seasons. Great for any pothead, whether a seasoned veteran or occasional consumer, if you act now you can still likely order and ship on time! Well then here they are:

TWB's 6 Best Stoner Christmas Gifts for 2016




Stashbox is a once a month surprise box of cannabis lifestyle gear, hand picked just for you, delivered right to your door. The perfect stoner Christmas gift, it involves very little work on the receivers part. You begin by answering a few questions about your lifestyle, and then, based on your profile, Stashbox is able to match you with 5-8 personalized items ranging from pipes and papers, to apparel, munchies and more. Each month, you rate and review your gear to earn rewards AND make every box better as your subscription continues. My box included a Raw rolling machine, an Eagle torch lighter, a glass hand bubbler, a dabber tool, Futurola cones, papers, and crutches, and a Terpene Labs container for concentrates. WAY cool!

The Ace Roller from King Rollers

stoner christmas gifts, ace roller, king rollers

The Ace Roller from King Rollers

The Ace Roller is a compact cigarette rolling machine that works with standard size rolling papers and “roll your own” tobacco/cannabis to consistently produce perfect 3″ prerolls. If you like your smokes with filters or crutches, that is an option too. The Ace rolling machine is crafted from cherry wood veneer with a steel rod and is made in the USA. As you may remember from my post with my friend Brooke, I am NOT a good joint roller and was able to have consistent success with the Ace!

The Geopipe from Stonedware

stoner christmas presents, stonedware

Amazing Geopipe from Stonedware

Stonedware Company creates design centric smoking wares for the aesthetically inclined. While you may have heard of the company from their famous Bernie Sanders pipes (the “Bernie”), but the geopipes are their premiere smokeware product. This pipe is definitely a must-have for a stoner Christmas!

Items like the Geopipe are made for display and are also designed with ergonomics in mind, making the shapes fit and feel good in the palm of your hand. Each piece is hand made - start to finish - from porcelain and finished using food safe glazes. Stonedware can also create custom smoking wares at your request.

The Nuggy From Nug Tools

stoner christmas gifts, nuggy, nuggy tools

Come, on! Every stoner needs this!

A multi-tool for the “higher” class, The Nuggy is the ultimate smoking accessory. With 10 individual tools, it's great for all kinds of sticky situations. This is truly the all-in-one gadget for rolling, shredding, dabbing, vaping, scraping and poking. It has been featured on Stuff Stoner’s Like as well and is compact, easy to carry, and even comes in a neat little gift box! Perfect for an easy stoner Christmas present!

Ashtrays by Dazed and Glazed

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They look great on a coffee table!

These ashtrays are bold and heavy, and colors are much brighter in real life. However, each glaze design is one-of-a-kind. These hand crafted ashtrays are functional objects that want to be seen and more importantly, always ready to be used. After their initial bisque firing, they are individually decorated with a colorful pattern and then fired again in a red-hot kiln. Because of their bright color pattern and heavy base, these ashtrays are perfect for any stoner setting and sesh!

Papa’s Publer Bubbler Pipe and Case from Mama P’s

stoner christmas gifts, publer bubber

Papa P's Publer Bubbler

The Publer Bubbler is a ‘spill proof’, hand held water pipe. What makes the spill proof system unusual is placement and shape of holes within the glass mechanism that allows smoke to bubble through water easily, yet makes it hard for the water to get out. The cleaning is also quick and simple. It was great to meet Papa P at PDX Weed Week and they carry a variety of products aside from this pipe that would make fabulous Secret Stoner gifts this holiday season.