December 6, 2018

Ambitious Moguls Who Are All for Cannabis

December 6, 2018
A number of successful people use cannabis regularly.

For years, an argument against marijuana use was the idea that it may dull your ambitions. Many have said that the effect of THC on dopamine production promotes laziness and saps work ethic. However, there are a number of people considered captains of industry who would certainly argue otherwise. Indeed, there are a number of successful people who point to marijuana as their (as Microsoft founder Bill Gates is quoted as saying) “pharmaceutical of choice.”

The movement toward legalizing pot in the U.S. has had a long road, and there is still far to go. But, how will it be possible to convince those states that haven’t yet gotten on board?

Recent gains demonstrate a population that is ready to get over any stigma attached to smoking pot. It’s long been proved that cannabis use is less addictive and better for general health than tobacco or alcohol. Not to mention the revenue from taxing legalized pot has been very lucrative for states like Colorado and Washington (and excellent for job creation too).

If all that isn’t enough, perhaps this list that Marijuana Doctors made of moguls, empresarios, and titans in their respective fields who say they use marijuana liberally, will be a good way persuade more legislators about the need for legalization.

Of course, smoking weed doesn’t necessarily mean you will become a successful CEO. However, successful people point to the way THC helps with dissociative thought and stress release and say that the marijuana high has allowed them to make innovations that might otherwise have been out of reach.

Did you know that Steve Jobs points to marijuana as what made him most “creative and relaxed” or that TV mogul Ted Turner was known to toke up in his office? Take a look at the list below for an impressive display of people who would say that legalizing it has a big payoff.

Author Bio:Keilah Keiser i**s a content marketer and writer with a background in SEO. She has written and produced content for a variety of clients in industries ranging from travel to business to cannabis.


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