September 10, 2021

Best Cannabis Vacation Destinations for Weed Lovers

September 10, 2021
Best Cannabis Vacation Destinations for Weed Lovers

If the concept of cannabis tourism is new to you, this article just might inspire you to book a ticket and pack your suitcase. There are plenty of amazing cannabis vacation spots for the ganja enthusiast, many of which are nestled among gorgeous landscapes with abundant opportunities for culture and sightseeing. While any of these locations make for a lovely vacation, they are made better by their rich cannabis culture. It’s time to start planning your next getaway to one of these amazing weed destinations.

What Makes a Great Cannabis Vacation Destination?

The first thing to consider for any ganja vacation is legality. Of course, the place you are visiting must have 420 friendly laws and locations where indulging in cannabis consumption is allowed if not encouraged. Additionally, the weed should be high quality, available for sale, and grown locally. Another draw is the ability to tour a cannabis farm or manufacturing facility, or go on a dispensary tour. While there are numerous places across the globe where all of these factors are met, check out a few of our favorites below. 


Jamaica was the first country to legalize cannabis for religious use. Anyone who practices Rastafarianism is allowed to use cannabis as they please for sacramental purposes. All Jamaican citizens may grow up to five plants at their home, although smoking in public is illegal and you will be fined. There are medical marijuana dispensaries in Jamaica, and you need only tell the budtender that you intend to use the herb for therapeutic purposes to make a purchase. However, why bother with travel accommodations, and making the rounds to local dispensaries when you can simply stay at a cannabis resort. 

Jamaica is home to many ganja resorts, and coupled with the beautiful year-round weather, makes this tropical paradise the ultimate 420 friendly vacation. At a ganja resort, you can safely smoke on-site and have access to the best herb on the island. Since cannabis tourism is a big deal in Jamaica, there are plenty of great places to choose from. 

Hotel Mockingbird Hill

Hotel Mockingbird Hill is the perfect place for a luxurious stay. This eco-friendly resort is located in Port Antonio on the lush northeast coast of Jamaica. The views are spectacular, and the hospitality and fine dining is an experience of its own. Get a medical prescription from an in-house doctor and have your weed delivered to your room before heading to the spa for a massage and facial. 

Starlight Chalet 

The Starlight Chalet offers an all-inclusive stay with four days of activity. Enjoy their chauffeur service from the airport before relaxing during a four-course meal at the resort. Take a tour of the Bob Marley museum, enjoy a day at the beach, tour a coffee plantation, and take a tour of several Jamaican herb houses (dispensaries). 

Blue Skies Beach Resort

​​Blue Skies Beach Resort is the place to go for lovers of sun, sand, and surf. This cannabis vacation spot is stunningly gorgeous and located on a 7-mile beach within walking distance to several herb houses. Their 5-star restaurant is sure to delight even the most ravenous of munchies, and if you grow tired of the white sandy beaches, the resort will arrange a tour of a local ganja farm.  


California is without a doubt the epicenter of U.S.-grown cannabis. From San Diego to Humboldt County, the California climate is perfect for cultivating some of the finest buds in the world. Not to mention Californians have been growing weed for decades and know a thing or two about it. Legalization has only broadened the scope of cannabis culture, and the offerings are as diverse as the growing regions. If you are interested in the nightlife of L.A. or the outdoor adventures throughout the Emerald Triangle, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a 420 friendly vacation anywhere you land. 

Thanks to delivery services, you can access cannabis just about anywhere. Shop directly from exceptional brands like Flow Kana and have your small-batch, top-shelf cannabis dropped off at your Airbnb. Herb not your style? Order a vape pen (or two!) from the BLOOM Brands and enjoy the convenience of a cartridge while enjoying a day at the beach. 

To fully explore cannabis culture, take an Emerald Farm Tour and learn about the cultivation process. California is also known for its delicious wine, and the wine and weed tour is just what the doctor ordered for an ultra-relaxing vacation. 

British Columbia

Cannabis roots run deep in Canada, but most especially in British Columbia. Although the legal market is still new, BC is no stranger to growing and smoking weed. “BC Bud” has been around for decades and is known to be some of the best herb in the world. BC has an optimal climate for growing weed with abundant sunshine and an ample supply of fresh, clean water. Legacy growers took advantage of the mountaintops and hillsides that hid the underground grows that grew the famous BC Bud. 

Whether you are looking for a Vancouver cannabis tour, or simply taking in the stunning beauty of the landscape, BC is a fantastic cannabis vacation spot. Canada is home to plenty of bud and breakfast spots where you can enjoy select strains in the comfort of your room before heading out for a day of adventure. 


Amsterdam is famous for its relaxed drug policies. You can imbibe everything from hashish to magic mushrooms, and of course incredible buds. Amsterdam is home to the original cannabis coffee shops where customers can shop a large selection of items to be enjoyed on site while sipping a cup of coffee or tea. The very first High Times Cannabis Cup was held in Amsterdam, and one of the categories is for Best Nederhash — hashish that is produced exclusively in the Netherlands. 

Visit the Cannabis Museum Amsterdam and check out their interactive exhibits, or explore cannabis coffee shops throughout the city. Weed is decriminalized in the Netherlands, so you are welcome to buy and consume freely in coffee shops. Despite its legal status, it’s best not to walk around in public with a lit joint. If you are used to shopping in U.S. dispensaries, know that the coffee shops in Amsterdam are a wee bit different. You won’t see bountiful labels from multiple brands with potency, dose, and strain listed. Ask for weed, weed with tobacco, or hashish and they’ll guide you in the right direction.

Final Thoughts

Wherever your travels may take you, be sure to look into any local laws that may differ from where you live. Cannabis is becoming more mainstream worldwide, but some laws still have provisions in place that may be confusing about where and when you can light up. Be sure to take in the sights and enjoy the beauty of cannabis culture wherever you go. 


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