April 28, 2021

The Best Cannamom Gifts for Mother’s Day 2021

April 28, 2021
Stareye Botanicals

While I would advise you to celebrate mothers all year long, we are nearing the official point in the year at which we formally celebrate them.  This Mother’s Day, get mom the best cannabis gifts in 2021 from our cannamama gift guide.  These gifts are everything from accessories to self care items, and all are sure to please even the pickiest cannamom out there.  

The Best Cannabis Gifts for Mother’s Day

Self Care with Stareye Botanicals

Rewrite the rules of relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care for Mom this Mother’s Day with Stareye Botanicals’ hemp products. Choose from one-of-a-kind rose wrapped botanical Puffalicious® smokables and gold-dusted CBD Immersible soakables. Stareye Botanicals is a woman owned company that provides easily accessible luxury herb and flower-infused products to people around the world. Their hemp is responsibly grown on U.S. farms committed to organic sustainable farming practices and the botanicals they select are organically grown as well—eco-friendly and Farm Bill compliant. Visit their website and save 25% with The Weed Blog Special Code at checkout: MOMMABLISS#1 (good for the months of April and May). And, with every 3 pre rolls purchased, Stareye Botanicals plants a tree in the U.S. National Forests, so purchasing here can leave you feeling good all the way around! 

Stareye Botancials offers both Puffalicious and Immersible collections

Elegant Non-alcoholic Botanical Spirits from Optimist

One of the comments I hear most from cannabis consuming mothers is how much they appreciate having cannabis as an alternative to alcohol.  But, moms still want to have a festive, elegant drink with their sesh and Optimist has created just that.  Optimist products are elegantly distilled non-alcoholic spirits for the sober curious, or just as a fancy alternative that can serve as an in between for water and booze (and that does NOT include their toddler’s apple juice!).

Optimist drinks include three clean botanical spirits are made without alcohol, sugar or additives, so mom can enjoy a grown-up cocktail, but still keep a clear head! A 500ml (16.9oz) bottle of Optimist is available in three distinct flavors inspired by the different tastes and landscapes of Los Angeles:

Bright — citrus, sherbet, salty sunshine; drinks like a lemony vodka

Fresh — wild herbs, anise, fresh canyon; drinks like a botanical gin

Smokey — bonfire, bittersweet, spice; drinks like a smooth tequila 

Optimist botanical drinks include the flavors Bright, Fresh, and Smokey

EBK Apothecary from MsKindness B.

The EBK Spritzer from MsKindeness

MsKindness B. Ramirez is an incredible advocate for the cannamom community and I feel so fortunate to know her! This woman is a multi-passionate Black business owner focused on community empowerment who wears hats anywhere from public speaking to consulting. Her EBK Apothecary includes several amazing CBD products, and moms will love them! The EBK Spritzer is their signature product and the perfect travel companion. A few sublingual sprays offer a quick effect, so it’s great for acute pain and anxiety. It’s discreet and refillable packaging is ideal for those who want to medicate in public without everyone knowing. The EBK Spritzer is made with Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and contains absolutely zero THC. The product was created in collaboration with certified Dentists, and offers a blend of tea tree oil and essential oils for quick relief from gum pain, while the nourishing coconut oil helps comfort dryness. The Peppermint adds an instant boost of minty freshness to revitalize breath. This cannabis brand is committed to making excellent products while providing kind, personalized service to our customers and community. Through Club Kindness, they can directly connect consumers to Online Cannabis Education. Members of Club Kindness receive a discount on our products while gaining access to other like-minded individuals who strive to achieve a healthier lifestyle through Cannabis and all forms of natural healing. 

The Root Family’s Very Special Garden, by MsKindness B. Ramirez

The Root Family’s Very Special Garden was written by Mskindness B. Ramirez  to spark the canna-conversation between parents and children. Moms (or dads) can read it alongside their children to help them learn about the cannabis plant and create an environment for a healthy conversation about this topic.. The book features scientific vocabulary, kid friendly scenarios characters everyone can relate to, and even a Glossary at the end. MsKindndess donates a portion of the proceeds from the book sales to The Social Impact Center. When you buy a book, you learn, while also helping those from marginalized communities. Perfect gifting for Mother’s Day!

Custom Rolling Tray and Smell Proof Mini backpack from My Rolling Tray

Is the cannamom in your life a (cannabis) flower girl like me? I appreciate all consumption methods and products, but it’s hard to beat puffing on a good, raw bud!  While my general preference is a bong (like the one featured in our Valentine’s Gift Guide), a close runner up is a nicely rolled joint and you gotta have a nice rolling tray for mom to make those! My Rolling Tray has these super cool LED glowing rolling trays that you can customize with any image! This can be a photo, logo, or any other graphic that mom likes best. The corners are curved and rounded whereas other trays are more straight and sharp. The rolling trays can be recharged within 1 hour and can light up for almost 6 hours continuously, and has 7 different colors that the LED changes through. Then, after the custom rolling tray surprise, it will be like icing on the cake when you can also give mom the smell proof mini backpack to put those nice pre rolls in for when she wants to puff on a hike or on the go. This combo of gifts is sure to please any cannamom out there!

Candle Collections from Huxton

While Huxton is a cannabis company who offers pre rolls, vape pens, “budlet” eights, and both classic and reserve cannabis flower, they also offer amazing products in their shop that can ship nationwide as well…including my absolute favorite candle to light during or post smoke sesh! Huxton has now expanded from 1 to 3 different scented candles, so they have options for mom! The names and scents of the candles are inspired by some of their favorite cities—Sedona, Marfa and Venice. Absolutely a perfect gift for mom this Mother’s Day. 

Infused Tonics and Spritzers from Mad Lilly 

Mad Lilly is a cannamom owned and operated company!! Mad Lilly blends the simplest, pure ingredients in super tasty cannabis-infused drinks. They offer a line of bubbly fruit spritzers and a soothing tonic, with both desirable effects and taste. The Lemon Dream Tonic features aromatic hints of lemon balm and lavender. It’s made with CBN, a low-dose cannabinoid that when combined with THC promotes a restful night’s sleep. The Mad Lilly™ Spritzers are made with 100% natural ingredients making each bottle ripe for enjoyment. With a low and balanced ratio of 5mg THC and 5mg CBD, they offer 3 fruit blends: Raspberry Hibiscus, Passion Fruit Mango, Ginger Pear. Find out more about where you can find these drinks for mom here, and check out their cannamama-centric community blog here

Luxury Skin Care Products from Aforé 

After a year+ of quarantining, home schooling, Zoom meetings, home cooked meals and absolutely NO play dates, we can all agree that all the moms, step moms, grandmas and other mother figures out there deserve some pampering. Whether you’re quarantining with your mom or won’t get to give her an in-person squeeze this year, Aforé Beauty has come up with a Mother’s Day Bundle that any cannamom will love! The bundle includes Brightening Cleanser, Moisture Complete facial moisturizer, CBD Effusive spray, and the MD Facial Scrub. These four products work on all skin types and tones, and you can grab an 18% savings just for Mom this Mother’s Day!

Cannamamas are my favorite! Happy Mother’s Day!!


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