November 25, 2020

The Best Stoner Gifts for the Holidaze: 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

November 25, 2020
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The holiday season is once again upon us! With 2020 being a year of constant change and chaos with the worldly events at hand, perhaps this is a good time to treat your favorite people (or yourself!) with some of the best stoner gifts out there. I have compiled some of my most favorite items for cannabis gift ideas. These products ship quickly and are great for both the novice and experienced cannabis consumer. Happy Holidaze!!


Cannabox is one of my new favorites, and I can’t think of any other monthly gifting service that stoners will love better…it’s the holiday gift that keeps on giving! Cannabox is an exclusive marijuana monthly membership box that includes a themed gift box full of awesome products. The Cannabox includes 6-9 hand-picked of the latest and greatest accessories and novelties (items like; rolling papers, bongs, t-shirts, books, and accessories.) Items are carefully hand-picked or designed by Cannabox experts, and are delivered right to your doorstep each month. It’s like the holidaze all over again every time you (or whomever you gift it to) see it show up! 

Cannabox Octopus Bong
Cannabox Octopus Bong

Raw Garden

Raw Garden has launched its first ready-to-use, disposable pen just in time for the holidays. The pen is high in THC and made from single source live resin extracted from fresh frozen flowers. With a price tag of $20, it’s the perfect holiday gift for the cannabis newbie or anyone new to Raw Garden. It’s 100% natural cannabis grown on the Central Coast of California. The pen comes in a range of flavors to fit everyone on your list…I got lucky enough to try the Cloud Chaser, an Indica Hybrid, but they feature many others! This holiday gift is sure to please any of your cannabis consuming friends during this season and beyond. 

Raw Garden Cannabis
Raw Garden Vape pen and cartridge


Inspired by the captivating beauty and mystical ambiance of Taos, New Mexico, the newly-launched Taos CBD brand from Vertical Wellness strives to embody four distinct pillars: Tranquility, Adventure, Outdoors, and Spirit (TAOS). Taos strives to create a lifestyle that is catered toward nature lovers and wandering spirits. Derived from USA-grown, third-party lab-tested, environmentally responsible hemp, all Taos CBD products are 100% THC-free. I especially like the Arctic Fusion Roll-on Gel (targets specific areas to deliver fast-acting relief and mimics the application of ice) and the Tranquility and Body Balance Bath Bombs (each with a unique blend of essential oils and CBD to help you relax and feel nourished), but they have several other products for pain and relaxation as well. A sure way to weather the holiday season yourself, or as a holiday gift for others to enjoy!

Taos CBD Bath Bomb
Taos Tranquility Bath Bomb

Blazy Susan

Ok so this one is perfect for that cannamama or your stoner sweetheart…the branding and attention to detail in the Blazy Susan products is incredible!  Their new spinning rolling tray is different than any others I have ever seen before, and Blazy Susan has made a spot for everything you can think of for prepping that perfect sesh. This gorgeous, customizable Spinning Rolling Tray features an innovative design with small compartments for all different types of smoking accessories and supplies including lighters, pre rolls, bangers, your cell phone, and more. This tray was built from the ground up through consumer feedback and has more functionality than any other rolling tray on the market. The Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray is truly revolutionary, and was built by smokers, for smokers. Your coffee table will never be the same! The Blazy Susan is 15.5” in diameter and is constructed from high quality birch. It is hand finished with a fine Italian varnish to ensure a sleek and smooth rolling experience.  I also really like the Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers…they are vegan and non -GMO and made in France using premium materials that deliver a high quality slow burn with no aftertaste. This combo of products and any of the other Blazy Susan specialities are sure to make your holiday gift a big hit with anyone who enjoys cannabis…it’s like a celebration every time you roll a joint!

Blazy Susan Rolling Tray
Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray


Mae, which stands for Mind At Ease, is a new design-centric cannabis brand that includes a line of designer smoke accessories with prolific designer Joe Doucet (who has worked with labels like Mont Blanc, Reebok, and more).  For holiday gifts, I think the highlight of the collection is the Engraved Palm Battery, which provides an amazing vaping experience and is compatible with all 510 cartridges (and I’ll add that the Mae THC vaporizer cartridge micro that they sell is wonderful as well!).  The battery burns through an entire half gram cartridge with a single charge, all while keeping you sleek and stylish. Magnetic rings for cartridges are also included, allowing for a zero-hassle magnetic connection. Designed with an easy, buttonless automatic function and an LED indicator light, you can prepare to enjoy your cannabis with luxury.  Crafted in Brass and plated in Rose Gold or Silver.

Mae Engraved Palm Battery
Mae Engraved Palm Battery


Ardent has been the most trusted brand for doing cannabis infusions at home ever since they were founded.  Now,  they have created the Ardent FX, an all-in-one portable cannabis kitchen in one simple and sleek device. You can do it ALL in this wonder device. Almost 4x bigger than the Ardent Nova with separate settings for activating all your favorite cannabinoids, plus infusing and baking all of your favorite edibles right inside!! The Ardent FX is an all-in-one activation, infusion, melting, and baking appliance requiring no prior cannabis, cooking, or baking experience to use. The device allows you to decarboxylate, extract, infuse, melt, and bake all in one appliance, and full activation and infusion of THC, CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids. Perfect as a personal cooking and crafting device in addition to all of it’s cannabis capabilities, the Ardent FX is suitable for smaller kitchen spaces and workspaces without kitchens (no need for an oven, double boiler, or crock pot). A stoner holiday gift that will be enjoyed all year long!

Ardent Infuser Holiday Gift
Ardent FX


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