Cannabis Activist and Former News Anchor Charlo Greene Releases Debut Hip Hop Singles

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Charlo Greene, the Alaskan news anchor, turned viral cannabis activist just released two debut hip hop singles and is currently planning a ‘freedom’ tour. (Scroll down to listen!)

The newly minted MC will be traveling the US to raise awareness about cannabis prohibition and her own ongoing experience dealing with prohibition starting in early December. Charlo will be hitting at least six cities, including Denver, Detroit, DC, Los Angeles and Portland during what she refers to as her ‘last days of freedom.’

Charlo first shared her music project and upcoming plans with the supporters of her online crowdfunding campaign and with her social media followers during a Facebook live stream.

She invited them to request an appearance or tour date in their city to hear live performances of a number of original songs including “Kush Ups pt. 2”, an upbeat stoner anthem and “I Wanna Smoke with Somebody.”

The later of which is a modern take on Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, mixed with a conscious lyrical flow that touches on police killings, systematic oppression and of course, weed.

In the first verse of “I Wanna Smoke with Somebody”, Charlo shines a light on modern day lynchings:

“No justice no peace/We march in the streets/More bodies says that they not hearing a thing/Korryn to Mike Brown/All way back to Till/They lynchin us and I know just how it feel/I just wanna be/Won’t let me be free/Did everything right now they coming for me."

Check out and listen to "I Wanna Smoke with Somebody”“Kush Ups pt. 2” below!

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