May 8, 2017

Cannabis Event Season Week 2: RedHat Ralph Continues his Canna-Quest

May 8, 2017
RedHat Ralph Continues his Canna-Quest

You might recall my canna-quest from my Week 1 post, but this week includes the (un)official holiday for cannabis consumers, 420 (or April 20, for those of you not familiar with the cannabis culture).  I am also still vaping and smoking the 14 samples of cannabis flower for the 2017 Cultivation Classic.  Here is how I walked 25.6 miles from Sunday April 16 through Saturday, April 22.

Sunday, 6.3 miles.

Today I am judging sample 6430 from my judge’s kit. By 10am I have completed whatever computer “work” I need to do so I start vaping, taking a half dozen inhales between 300° and 360°. Next I am taking TriMet to the northeast area of Portland to visit Frankie and get his opinion on 6430.  From Frankie’s place I wander south down Mississippi Ave, cross the Willamette River via the Steel Bridge, wander along the river for a while and catch TriMet back home.  I left at noon, back by 6pm, and have smoked four bowls (around a tenth of a gram of flower is a bowl, for me).

RedHat Ralph Treks 30 miles in 7 Days
One of the samples from my Cultivation Classic Judges Kit

Monday 0.6 miles.  

Along with my enjoyment of flower sample 6457 via the Revolution VII vaporizer, today I have a medical appointment at OHSU.

Tuesday, 0.6 miles.  

Clean the house day, and, of course, sample 6550.

Wednesday, 5.4 miles.  

Today is the Oregon Cannabis Association’s Federal and State Update with Congressman Earl Blumenauer at Lola’s Room (under the Crystal Ballroom on Burnside).  Plus, since they are giving their employees 420 off (as a holiday, of course), Jayne is having their 420 sale today.  I am vaping sample 6935 before heading out, then smoking the flower in my pipe as I wander.  Jayne is located on MLK so it was a nice walk from there to Lola’s Room.  The OCA Update was a wonderful gathering of some of the local Cannabis Industry’s movers and shakers.

RedHat Ralph

Thursday, 4.9 miles.  

Yay!  4/20 is here.  Although it is a rainy morning, the forecast indicates that it should clear up at 4 so I am heading out.  By 10am TriMet had taken me to Southeast Portland for my first cannabis stop of the day at Kaleafa Cannabis Company, where I took advantage of their sale on extract, scoring a gram for just over $15.  From there I walked north along SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd. which brought me to Natural Wonders.  I really love this little neighborhood shop; it is one of our area’s undiscovered gems.  I have found a couple of very nice products here, including some Hell’s OG last year that was excellent.  This time I picked up three half gram joints which set me back just over $5.  Since the rain was persisting I decided to take a bus up to Pure Green (located along Portland’s Green Mile, a section of NE Sandy Blvd) to take advantage of their sale.  I picked up 4 grams of flower and an Avitas half gram oil vaporizer cartridge for a total of $36.  Shortly after 1pm I headed into the NW Cannabis Club for their day of fun, including Potluck PDX (for which I have a VIP ticket).  Along with all the medicated food that Bill Stewart (Half Baked Labs) prepared and served with the assistance of JoDee and Edwina, I sampled extracts of a few of the other participants, including Michael Schroder of Aftermath Alchemy LLC and Franco (whose design is two capital Fs, back to back).  At 4:20pm I was out on the patio in a smoking circle, celebrating as many pre-rolls passed through many hands.  Man I love this life!  Around 5:30pm a wonderful couple (Memphis and ?) began creating fruit drinks with some great infused fruit syrup.  As I began sipping the beverage it dawned on me that this was the first liquid I had consumed since coffee at 9am.  So great!  Butte Creek Farms had a table in the VIP area where I sampled a couple of bong hits of their Dream Queen flower.  It is such a good thing that I use public transportation.

4:20 smoke circle
Smoke circle ammunition for 4:20 p.m. on 4/20 at the NW Cannabis Club

Friday, 6.8 miles.  

Finally, a spring day in Portland.  The sky is blue and it may get to 70°F today.  Frankie likes the color and flavor of sample 7087, as do I.  This has such a deep purple flower, is so very sugary, and is so very delicious; for me it tastes like a cookie.  We agree that this is a good social strain, at least for us.  Along with this we sampled one of the three joints I picked up yesterday at Natural Wonders.  For me, one of the places I like to people-watch is along the Willamette River.  From Tom McCall Park on the west bank I headed south to the Steel Bridge (it is the only bridge I have found over which I can walk).  Along the way Stephen Gold and his cousin Casey stopped to talk with me and share some of the Black Lime Reserve (from CannaDaddy’s) 1 gram joint they happened to be enjoying.  Wonderful flavor!  Eventually I made my way around the river to OMSI and then on to the NW Cannabis Club to enjoy another evening of 420 fun.  At one of the tables I found Trinn Allen of Egreen Oils with vaporizers for flower and oil, along with a dab rig and some wonderful extract of LSD #4.  Imagine my surprise when Mr. Allen gave me, for review, one of the Egreen Oils Cognito Mini Vape Kit for Concentrates and Dry Herbs.  Look for that review soon.

Saturday, 1.0 miles.  

A day at home to clean some, write some, and prepare for tomorrow’s travel to Seattle for Dope Cup 2017.


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