April 26, 2017

Cannabis Events Week 1: RedHat Ralph Treks 30 miles in 7 Days

April 26, 2017
RedHat Ralph Treks 30 miles in 7 Days

Since I picked up my Judges Kit for the 2017 Cultivation Classic this week, I will count this as the start of my season.  Here is how I walked 29.4 miles from Sunday April 9 through Saturday, April 15.

Sunday, 0.2 miles; Monday 1.1 miles.

I spent the weekend at home, cleaning the house while recovering from my Angiogram.  I finished off the last tenth of a gram of Quantum Kush flower, smoked a 1.0 gram joint of Plushberry over 6 sessions, and enjoyed two sessions of my 1.0 gram Cherry Pie joint.  This made for some nice recovery time.

Tuesday, 6.8 miles.

I took myself into town, walking from the MAX stop at Providence Park up into the Alphabet District, stopping by MindRite Dispensary (1780 NW Marshall) to see what they have in stock.  I purchased a gram of Dream Queen from High Latitude Farms, as well as a joint of Kimbo Kush that the budtender was packing when I first walked in.

After checking out the selections at Oregon’s Finest dispensary (1327 NW Kearney), I contacted  MC Chino to see if he was up for spending some time together, now that he had returned from his traveling adventure.  We drove up to Mt. Tabor Park, indulged in a couple of dab hits of some unidentified crumble as well as The White extract and then wandered around the park a couple of laps.  MC introduced me to a wonderful hot dog place (Zack’s Shack, on Hawthorne) before I walked the 2.8 miles to the NW Cannabis Club, on Powell Blvd.  There I used their dab rigs to take a couple of good hits of my Cinex BHO extract and accept another hit of Strawberry Cough extract from another Club member.

Wednesday, 7.3 miles.

Today I collect my judge’s kit!  I used TriMet to once again take me to Providence Park and then slowly wandered up through the Pearl district to be at Willamette Week’s office at 2pm.  Not only did I get my kit (Yippee!), Leah met up with me and gave me an Ooze Glacier Pen Kit to review (one vaporizes and inhales shatter with it).  Using public transportation I visited Frankie where I opened the judge’s kit for the first time and we looked it over.  We celebrated 4:20pm with some of the Kimbo Kush joint as well as some of the Dream Queen bud.  From Frankie’s I wandered over to Mississippi Ave and stopping by Bridge City Collective on my way to the MAX station.  Once home, I smoked two more bowls of Dream Queen and ate 2 segments of a Blaze Bar (110.6mg THC, divided into ten segments).

Thursday, 4.0 miles.

A good friend of mine, Josh Taylor, is loaning a vaporizer to me so that I can use it to evaluate the flower that was given to me to judge, so I met up with him at the Starbucks in Goose Hollow.  And what a vaporizer it is!  He has loaned me a Revolution VII, a unit built with love and exceptional components.  I love this thing!  From Goose Hollow I used public transportation to go to Canna-Daddy’s dispensary (17020 SE Division St) to see about some shatter to use in the Ooze Glacier Pen.  It dawned on me that among the samples in the judge’s kit I might spend a day with an intense sativa flower.  In that case, I might find it enjoyable to have a good Indica shatter around.  Although I had my sights set on a fairly inexpensive sample of shatter, I finally settled on a gram of SFV OG BHO shatter from Sirius Extracts.

From Division St I used public transportation to wander down toward Mt. Scott Park, where I finally visited Leia’s Place, a tea room that MC Chino suggested to me, and that will become one of my refuges in the southeast area of Portland.  I really like this place!  Here I was able to try the SFV OG BHO shatter, as well as accept a dab of another shatter from another patron.

Friday, 2.5 miles.

Finally, I have my vaporizer and my samples.  I can begin judging!  I take a few low temp hits of sample 6316. (Yes, I will be sampling the 14 different flowers in numerical order.)  This feels like a Sativa – so anxious; I need to do something!  Public transportation to OHSU to get an infusion of iron.  Public transportation back home.  While I was out and about I smoked two bowls of 6316.  Once home I continued testing the flower using the vaporizer.  I ended the night with a few draws of the SFV OG BHO extract.  Wow!  So Good!

Saturday, 7.5 miles.

Finally!  Spring has decided to visit PDX.  A clear day is upon us with (relatively) warm temperatures (might warm up to 60!).  Sample 6319’s Indica qualities hit me hard!  2 draws at 340° and 2 more at 360° have left me without a desire to walk.  So I forced myself to head out to Frankie’s so that we could take a walk and try out one of the CBD joints that East Fork Farms has included in our kit.  This was the first time either one of us had tried a high CBD smoke.  I learned later in the day that it seemed to help alleviate some of my foot pain, so I am definitely going to try out some more high CBD products.  By the end of the day I had smoked three bowls of the flower along with vaporizing half of the gram at temperatures from 300 to 430.  Nice!


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