CannaSmack Introduces Luxe, a New Hemp Seed Oil Infused Skin Care Line

We talk to CannaSmack Creative Director Kenia Taylor about the company’s new skin care products.
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While consumers are savvy, seeking out high quality products made with love, some companies still abide by unethical practices in manufacturing and product testing. Many products found in drugstore cosmetics and skincare products are overflowing with unnecessary filler ingredients, over-abrasive scrubbing and foaming agents, and poorly sourced ingredients, so it’s nice to know that a company like CannaSmack exists.

CannaSmack is a woman-owned and operated company that manufactures all natural, cruelty free, hemp-infused lip balms and lotions, plus a line of SPF products made entirely in the USA using cold pressed domestic hemp seeds sourced from Oregon. CannaSmack’s new skin care essentials Luxe line features a Clarifying Polish Scrub, Hydrating Toner Spritz, Daily Moisture Retention Cream and other socially conscious, health supportive products. All CannaSmack offerings are non-psychoactive and legal under federal, state and local laws.

CannaSmack Creative Director and Marketing Manager Kenia Taylor attributes the wonders of their amazing new Luxe products to their star ingredient, hemp oil. “Hemp is full of essential fatty acids including Omega-3 and Omega-6, Vitamins A, E, D and B12. These nutrients are easily absorbed by your skin,” says Taylor. “Hemp has a positive impact on us, our economy and environment.”

As a company with a conscious, CannaSmack goes above and beyond to help promote beautiful skin while pushing the cannabis conversation forward. In love with Luxe, THE WEED BLOG spoke to Taylor to learn more about the line and what we can look forward to in the new year.

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What inspired CannaSmack to create the Luxe Skin Care line?

CannaSmack founder Suzanne Hoggan is a Master Esthetician. Quality skin care has always been a top priority for her. We both have people in our lives who struggle with acne or skin conditions, myself included, and we wanted to create something that would work, something that would help make a difference.

What sets Luxe apart from other skin care lines on the market right now?

We do not use fillers and we focus on using ingredients with a purpose. We didn’t spare any expense when creating this line. We made sure that it is not only luxurious and effective but also affordable.

What skin type is the Luxe designed line for?

Everyone, from dry to oily or combination skin. Every product in the line can beneficial to every skin type. We worked really hard to create products that are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic with botanical infusions that help your skin glow.

Care to share any pro-tips for how to incorporate the Luxe line into your existing skin care routine?

I would highly recommend that anyone interested in trying CannaSmack Luxe gives the Hydrating Cleansing Oil a try. Most people wash their face at least twice a day, artificially dehydrating their skin’s natural oil glands, which often leads to breakouts and blackheads. By simply replacing your soap based cleanser with our Hydrating Cleansing Oil, your skin will be much happier, cleaner, and well moisturized.

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What’s your favorite way to use Luxe?

I really love our CannaSmack Luxe Hydrating Cleansing Oil. The idea that oil can clean your skin may be an alien concept to most, but it’s truly not a new skin care method. We didn’t invent it, we simply created a proprietary blend of the most amazing oils for your skin—every ingredient was carefully researched and selected. The other product I absolutely love is our CannaSmack Luxe Lip & Eye Serum. I truly can’t live without it, especially during the winter months. When my skin gravitates towards becoming very dry, the serum truly helps restore moisture back into some of the most sensitive areas on my face.

You've been following the skin care progress of several people on Instagram who have been using the Luxe line. What's the feedback been like?

@smokeytokesprincess has been one of our biggest cheerleaders. We meet at Seattle Hempfest and she absolutely loves what the Luxe line has done for her skin.

Our ambassador @happytokes has been using our full line from the beginning. You can visibly see the difference in her Instagram feed.

@moma.x_art is a licensed Master Esthetician and she absolutely loves CannaSmack Luxe. It was so amazing for us to see another trained professional stand behind our line.

Are you about to launch any new Luxe products in 2018?

Absolutely! We’re launching our line of Luxe Masques with Detox, Hydration, and Antioxidant properties, plus an amazing body polish that has been heavily requested by CannaSmack fans. We are so excited to introduce these two amazing additions to our catalog. Keep an eye out on our Instagram channel for new updates.