November 13, 2016

Chong’s Choice: Tommy Chong is Releasing Designer Weed Strains

November 13, 2016
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Tommy Chong, known for his marijuana-fueled, smoke-tastic adventures is now branching out from his film career with the Colorado debut of Chong’s Choice. Chong and his team are staunch on quality on control and organic cannabis, that’s why they’ve paired up with Verde Natural to bring Chong’s choice of cannabis to Colorado weed enthusiasts.

Verde Natural is a unique small-batch boutique grow, and the best part is their kick-ass female master grower, Cassandra Maffey. Maffey makes sure each plant gets the attention it needs by dividing her plants into rooms where two specialists can take care of each room. It ensures a clean room every time, she explains, if there were any mites, mold, or disease, it’s cleaned and sanitized – and doesn’t affect any other rooms.

Verde Natural is charged with growing Chong’s three strains: Durban Haze (Sativa), Grape Stomper (Indica), and Blue Dream (Hybrid). The flower is currently available in select dispensaries across Colorado and his pre-rolls are set to debut this month. Set for a December launch, Santa will have some pesticide-free, cage-free eggs, handmade cookies to look forward to next month.

By Chloe Sommers


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