April 9, 2019

Coachella Valley’s Newest Dispensary Redefines the ‘High’-end Boutique

April 9, 2019
Cannabis royalty arrives just in time for Coachella...

The Coachella Valley’s reign as the center of bohemian elegance is about to get another jewel in its crown as Royal Highness Cannabis Boutique, a high-end dispensary has opened in Palm Desert. Located among upscale stores in the world-famous El Paseo Shopping District, Royal Highness will be a retail boutique within a dispensary featuring luxury cannabis products as well as tabletop decor, jewelry, clothing, and accessories.

Royal Highness was the vision of co-founders Keyva King and Megan Stone.

“As a female-owned brand, I wanted the space to be avant-garde for a dispensary,” said Stone, whose firm High Road Design Studio designed the space. “I wanted it to feel elegant and inviting, without being too feminine. We want the space to welcome our customers, men and women, locals and tourists, as if they’re modern royalty.”

Stone added, “The design of our store is one of our brand’s most important assets. The design and material palette were chosen to set a tone of sophistication that delicately balances affluence with attainability. With a relatively small 1,900sf footprint, I made a point to capitalize on our views of the mountains through our amazing windows in order to make the space feel larger and more welcoming. I also made sure that our space would allow casual shoppers and browsers to take their time and see all of our products up close and in the open, while not holding up our frequent shoppers who prefer to get in and get out quickly.”

“There are pot shops and then there’s Royal Highness,” according to King. “The business model of most dispensaries is to get customers in and out quickly – it’s all about efficiency. Our philosophy is a bit different as we want our customers to take their time, browse around the boutique, pick up a few gifts and really enjoy the experience.”

The boutique will carry cannabis lifestyle products with a focus on wellness and balance through an array of specialty brands such as GASHOUSE, Terraform Genetics, Connected, Alien Labs, Beboe, Lowell Herb, PuffCo, PAX, Viola and 710labs. The dispensary will carry a range of CBD and THC products including tinctures, edibles, beverages as well as top brand accessories from High Society Collection jewelry and Shine Papers gold rolling papers. Stone and King also sought out other female-owned cannabis brands and hand-crafted products to feature in Royal Highness. This adds to all of the shopping choices consumers already have in California

Royal Highness

73345 Highway 111, Suite 205

Palm Desert, CA 92260

Hours: Monday-Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm; Sunday 11:00am-8pm

Grand opening: Saturday March 23, 2019


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