February 26, 2018

Concentrate Review: Green Ribbon Shatter by Lunchbox Alchemy

February 26, 2018
Lunchbox Alchemy Green Ribbon Shatter
Lunchbox Alchemy's Green Ribbon Shatter has top notch packing, taste, and effect.

Lunchbox Alchemy(LBA) has been leading the Oregon industry in products, community, and ambassadorship since the industry began to emerge here. They began in 2014 and now create a full line of products with everything from edibles to concentrates. I recently got the chance to review their Green Ribbon shatter and it was such a treat!

Perhaps one of the reasons that this was such a treat is that LBA Shatter just debuted a sleek new look that includes consumer conscious packaging and tiered pricing. The three tiers are easily distinguishable by color: Red Label, Blue Label, and Gold Label.

Available in a variety of strains and potencies, the Red Label is an approachable, entry level extract, while the Blue Label is a premium level extract derived from select strains. They’ve reserved the Gold Label for only the utmost quality flowers, with an end products of ultra premium extracts.

Packaging: This packaging is some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional casing I have ever seen, both generally speaking for cannabis products and specifically speaking for cannabis concentrates. The labeling is clear, the branding is beautiful, and the product is showcased perfectly. It was so fun to open by pulling the tab and then each time you unfold a flap on the package, there is something fun to look at! The shatter packages are printed on recycled paper using biodegradable inks, and was designed with the environment in mind. The window film, implemented so customers can peep the concentrate before they buy, is made from compostable Clarifoil ® T24 Acetate. Each package also displays the total terpenes, total THC and total cannabinoids of each strain as well as garden attribution.

Taste: I was not familiar with this strain (Green Ribbon) or this farm (Grace Bio Gardens) prior to receiving this shatter for review…and wow was it a pleasant surprise! I prefer to review all of my concentrates with my freshly cleaned Dipper by Dipstick Vapesand upon my first inhale of this shatter I was amazed by how clean and refreshing the taste was. The taste had pungent floral notes, and definitely lends itself to earthy tones. Delish!

Effect: I found the effect of this 50/50 hybrid to have both sativa- and indica-like qualities in the experience. The first effect was uplifting and a quick energy boost, and the following effects were more calming and heady feeling. I found this to be perfect for an afternoon pick me up, or as a nightcap when I just needed to get a few more things done on my to-do list before checking out at the end of the day. I am a sativa girl most of the time and truly enjoyed the effect and experience of this shatter!

About Lunchbox Alchemy:

Lunchbox Alchemy makes every effort to uphold the integrity of a consistent, quality cannabis experience by thoroughly researching all equipment, materials, and partners. Since opening doors in 2014, Lunchbox Alchemy has proudly accepted multiple awards recognizing achievements for our unique and identifiable brand presence and producing exceptional products. Our products can be found in dispensaries throughout Oregon and soon California.

You can learn more about their products and where you can find them here.


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