Concentrate Review: Lemon Pina Live Resin by Lunchbox Alchemy

Lunchbox Alchemy’s Live Resin is fresh, pungent, and comes from clean extraction processes.
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As you may recall from our review of Lunchbox Alchemy’s Green Ribbon Shatter, this company is one of the longest running and most respected in the Oregon cannabis industry. The company’s extractors continue to push the boundaries of quality and innovation, using state-of-the-art, closed-loop systems and medical-grade solvents, filtered and distilled twice in-house to ensure the purity.

Lunchbox Alchemy produces a variety of extracts, but their Live Resin that is currently on the market was done in collaboration with Phantom Farms. Forming a unique bond, which launched the Lunchbox Alliance, these 2 Oregon cannabis companies set out to craft a premium extract with terpene preservation in mind. At the peak of maturity, these sungrown flowers are cryogenically preserved right off the stalk, and taken the to the lab by Lunchbox Alchemists.

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Packaging: As would be expected from this company, who has been continually recognized for their excellence in branding, the packaging is on point. The labeling is clear and right in line with the fun character and flair that all the LBA packaging, and even includes a “quick terp chart” on the inside flap.

Taste: The strong and uplifting aroma from the glossy resin glands are terpene filled and pungent with flavor. With Myrcene being the most prevalent terpene in this extract, it is no surprise that the taste was very earthy and musky with a hint of a lemon spice. It was both clean and fresh on every inhale.

Effect: This product had a calming and relaxing effect, and I found I enjoyed it later in the day. The lemon pina live resin’s second most prevalent terpene (after the Myrcene) is Beta-Caryophyllene, which has been found to have cannabinoid-like properties, and actually targets the CB2 receptor. This allows the product to have even more pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects that I enjoyed very much after a long day on my feet.

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About Lunchbox Alchemy:

Lunchbox Alchemy makes every effort to uphold the integrity of a consistent, quality cannabis experience by thoroughly researching all equipment, materials, and partners. Since opening doors in 2014, Lunchbox Alchemy has proudly accepted multiple awards recognizing achievements for our unique and identifiable brand presence and producing exceptional products. Our products can be found in dispensaries throughout Oregon and California.