Elevate Accessories Gives the Classic Dugout a Makeover

If you like a dugout for storing and packing your cannabis, the Colfax by Elevate Accessories is for you.
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After Elevate Accessories co-founder Alan Bader received a degree in Industrial Design in Denver, CO, he worked professionally for a small start up as the lead product designer creating luxury jewelry from wood and precious metals, gaining valuable knowledge about CNC machining, laser cutting, 3D printing, and other modern manufacturing techniques. His close bonds with the manufacturers he’s worked with and his passion for cannabis and high design paved the way for Elevate’s heirloom-quality smokies accessories to be born. Enamored by the functional and beautiful pieces he and his team creates, we just had to learn more about the inspiration behind their Colfax Dugout Kit V2.

What's behind the name Colfax?

All the names of the Elevate products are named after things in Colorado. Colfax Ave is the first street I lived on in Denver. It has a very eclectic mix of businesses and people along the 26.5 mile avenue stretch. Fun Fact: It’s also the longest commercial street in the United States.

What inspired you to give the classic dugout a makeover?

When my original partner and I first set out to create the initial line of Elevate products, we knew there was something missing from our line up. So we set to fill in a few more SKUs with products that married wood with glass. I did not initially set out to reinvent the dugout, thinking that it would become our bread and butter. However, after we released it, it became clear that the market was looking for that very product. After it was released and we received such an amazing response, we knew we had to listen to what our customers were telling us and keep innovating accessories like the dugout. Turns out, the dugout embodies our brand’s philosophy better than anything else we had created so far—showing that cannabis products aren’t just for the old stereotypical smokers...and the rest is history. We didn’t invent the dugout, we just made it a whole lot sexier!

Describe the process you use to create the Colfax.

As with all the Elevate wood products, we CNC machine wood pieces for a precise part. Then, we hand finish each and every dugout. The V2 now includes a CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum insert for the closure. We use a laser cutter/engraver to create the logos on the dugout and use a combo of oil and wax for natural protective finish.

Do you offer customization?

Yes, for an additional cost we can engrave just about anything onto the dugout. We’re planning to roll out limited edition runs of exotic woods and different aluminum finishes, possibly with the addition of gold and silver accents. For the right price, we can create a unique, one-off dugout for a customer.

Where’s your favorite place to sesh with the Colfax Dugout?

Definitely while hiking. I’ll toss it in my bag or pocket and roll out to the trails. I love to stop at the top of a peak and smoke one with the Gods.

What’s some of the best customer feedback you’ve received from Elevate fans?

Nothing makes me happier than to hear from a customer that their dugout is their go-to product and that they get compliments on it everywhere they go. On the flip side, we always encourage customers to let us know of issues they experience with our products. The process of manufacturing of any product is not foolproof, which means issues will arise. We want to know about these issues, so we can address them and work towards making our products work better and last longer.

What are some other Elevate favorites you recommend this holiday season?

The new Mini Hitter Bubbler is an awesome gift. It’s not too expensive, but it’s a quality product. Joint tips and stash jars are other easy stocking stuffers. Probably the best gift of all though, is a custom monogrammed dugout with the receiver’s initials!

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