December 20, 2016

“Green is Gold” is the Feel Good Marijuana Movie You’ve Been Waiting For [Exclusive Clip]

December 20, 2016
green is gold

Ready for the next great marijuana film? Because these clips from the recently released movie, Green is Gold, are bound to tug on your heart strings.

Green is Gold is an award-winning, heartwarming movie following a 13-year-old boy as he moves in with his older brother after his father’s incarceration. But his older brother’s occupation of growing marijuana leads the two down a tangled path of brotherhood, family and learning how to get buy in this world.

Writer, directed and star Ryon Baxter presents a different look at those active in the marijuana industry of the prohibition era. With each clip – including the TWB exclusive below – viewer can see each characters reactions to what most would consider seemingly “normal” life events. However, from their past and current experiences, the world or marijuana teaches them so much more.

TWB Exclusive Clip of Green is Gold 

Green is Gold [Full Trailer]

Learn more at or on Twitter. Released December 6 on Video On Demand, this movie is a production of Samuel Goldwyn Films.


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