April 20, 2013

Happy 4/20!

April 20, 2013
national cannabis coalition
The National Cannabis Coalition wishes a very happy 4/20 to the entire cannabis community!

April 20th is certainly a date near and dear to the cannabis community, filled with celebrations of freedom as well as calls to action from coast to coast, across the globe even.  This April 20th also marks the first anniversary of the National Cannabis Coalition.  So many positive developments have occurred since our launch and we are so happy to have played a small part in this ongoing civil rights battle.

Shortly after our launch, anti-marijuana Oregon Attorney General candidate Dwight Holton called out the National Cannabis Coalition by name in his final fund raising email, for helping bring in “national weed money” to his opponent, Ellen Rosenblum, a much more cannabis-friendly Attorney General for the great state of Oregon. The Weed Blog did a tremendous job by educating activists and the public alike.  TWB even influenced mainstream media’s coverage of the race by holding their feet to the fire.  So many Oregon activists worked tirelessly to ensure that the top law enforcement officer be sensible on cannabis and it was an honor to assist their important fight.

Beto O’Rourke, a congressional candidate understanding the importance of reforming drug laws, defeated a pro-Drug War incumbent.  Medical marijuana legislation has passed in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.  Rhode Island decriminalized personal amounts and legalized medical dispensaries.  Springfield, Missouri, decriminalized personal amounts of marijuana for a month (that battle continues) and St. Louis just passed a marijuana decriminalization ordinance (thank you, Show-Me Cannabis!).  And of course, Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis on that historic election night.  This is quite an extensive list already, and I am sure that I am even missing some very important victories.

On behalf of myself and NCC, I would like to sincerely thank everyone that makes our work possible and to everyone doing so great work for the cause across the globe.  The activists and voters of Washington and Colorado, will always be some of my heroes and their victories will always be remembered as the turning point in ending a senseless, costly war waged upon our own nonviolent citizens.

We look forward in helping the next wave of states legalizing cannabis.  Our fight for freedom and equality has been dismissed in the past, but the truth about cannabis and the ills of cannabis prohibition, along with the hard work of many great activists, are about to set us all free.

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