April 20, 2018

Happy 420 2018!! How Are You Celebrating (and Advocating) Today?

April 20, 2018
On this international stoner holiday. be sure you remember to advocate as you celebrate. What's your 420?

Happy 420, cannabis community!

As I stated for Magnetic Magazine, the 4/20 holiday is a cause for celebration for the cannabis plant, as well as a moment to pause and think about all the work that has been done to legalize cannabis in various areas of the U.S. It is also a moment to think about the amount of work we still need to do to lift the stigma that still surrounds the cannabis plant due to decades of conjecture and propaganda from our federal government. In our efforts to spread cannabis education, join me in my collaborations withAll Hip-Hopand The Shoe Game today!

Bu, how did 420 start? You can read more about that here, but basically, back in 1971 some high-schoolers who were calling themselves the Waldos (because the hung out by a wall outside the school) met one afternoon at 4:20 in the front courtyard of their school near the statue of Louis Pasteur. They met there at the same time everyday to go into the neighboring Point Reyes forest to find a secret cannabis crop. They never found it, but the concept of 4:20 being synonymous with weed stuck, and spread rapidly through the stoner subculture of the 1970s, as well as through the hip-hop movement, which some feel helped advocate for cannabis legalization.

A few years later a young man named Tony Magee was driving on those very same roads in San Rafael to his new brewery – Lagunitas. Every year in April, Lagunitas invites the Waldos to help brew (and imbibe) their Waldos Special Ale. But Lagunitas isn’t the only brewery to do so…Coalition Brewing in Portland, Oregon created the first CBD Beer and will be celebrating it today at the Two Flowers CBD Beer Fest.

Looking for other fun things to do or products to try today? Check these out…

Grand opening ofCheech & Chong: Still Rollin’—Celebrating 40 Years of Up in Smokeat the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live: The exhibit is curated in collaboration with Grammy-winning producer Lou Adler, who uncovered the legendary duo, produced many of their albums, and directed the film. On display through spring 2019, the exhibit explores what made the world fall in love with East L.A. native Richard “Cheech” Marin and Canadian Tommy Chong, while chronicling the development and success of their first feature-length film, Up In Smoke.

Debut ofThe 420 Showby Trichome Studios: The premier 4 minute and 20 second episode, hosted by DJ ZEBUEL, will be released today, April 20, 2018, at 4:20 p.m. (PST). The 420 Show is cannabis culture’s only short-form funny viral video series. For 46 years people worldwide have been uniting to celebrate cannabis at 4:20… Now they have their own cannabis-infused series to hilariously enhance this very important time. Each episode, hosted by DJ ZEBUEL, will feature some of the most awesome, funny and ridiculously memorable clips riding the viral wave. Each episode will air weekly at 4:20 p.m.(PST).

MagicalButter’s **24 Hour Live Stream:**Join the minds behind the MagicalButter Machine for an action packed broadcast, complete with celebrity chefs, an herbalist is sharing knowledge about the medicinal benefits of herbs found in nature, a diverse lineup of LIVE entertainment acts, and more!

MTRAC (PotSaver): PotSaver will be at this 420 event “Bayked”. They have a great spot right by Urban Leaf, close to the stage. PotSaver will also have copies of their April ‘420’ issue, the first LEGAL 420 in CA, ‘historic!’.

Vapium: Will be demoing their brand Hyer‘s Big-E rig at the San Bernadino Cannabis Cub

Cloudious9: Has a special sale for the Hydrology 9 offering $50 off with a free replacement glass and leather case

Dipstick Vapes: Will have a customer deal and a wholesale deal available on their website. There are package deals where the customer saves 25% and stores 20%. They’re also really pushing the Ocean Blue sustainability campaign through the Dipstick Vapes arm and will also be at local Denver events.

Civilized: Will have a large research poll commissioned with PSB Research, which they do every year just before 4/20. On 4/20 week, they’re hosting the End of Prohibition Party at the Montalban Theatre in Hollywood: a private rooftop screening of Reefer Madness and a live performance by jazz band Lizzy and the Triggerman.

DaVinci: Will have a promotion “Ultimate 420 Vaporizer Bundle: Buy an IQ vaporizer and receive a free carrying case, free grinder card and free glove. All new accessories! For their Original DaVinci: Take $30 off, and buy now for only $99.”

tökr: the personalized cannabis lifestyle app will have a few things going on as well; on 4/19 they are hosting a Food and Film Festival at LA State Historic Park from 5:30pm onward, including full bar, food trucks, and music set to show Half Baked. On 4/20 to 4/22 they will be setting up in dispensaries around Los Angeles.

Dr. Dabber: Will have a 25% off storewide as part of their 420 Sale. They also have a new 4/20 Family Bundle available for sale here, featuring the complete Dr. Dabber lineup. On 4/20 Only: You get a free Ghost with purchase of $200 or more, free Budder Cutter with purchase of $100 or more, free honey mats with purchase of $50 or more.

However you choose to 420, remember to advocate as you celebrate!


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