September 11, 2018

High Times: At the Forefront of Cannabis Culture

September 11, 2018
Image of cannabis: find out how much high times has raised.
High Times is the original and definitive voice of cannabis, and is now offering investment into the cannabis culture.

I fondly remember thumbing through an issue of High Times for the first time as an adolescent experimenting with cannabis, which would eventually become a lifelong passion. It seemed like the beauty of the photographed cannabis buds bloomed more with each page turned, and I thought, “How can a magazine dedicated to marijuana be legal?” I was completely enamored. In subsequent years, I observed and internalized every aspect of cannabis culture in which I could with High Times being an integral guide and source of information for this transition. 

As the United States and other parts of the world began making progress with medical and recreational adult-use marijuana legalization, High Times sluggishly adapted to changing times both in terms of pot legalization and media in the Digital Age. went online in 2008, but viewership significantly declined after that point. 

In recent years, High Times has attempted to diversify and become less dependent on advertising revenue. High Times Holding, the parent company for High Times, has significantly increased its Cannabis Cups events. Along with this it has acquired 13 California marijuana dispensaries from Harvest Health and Recreation for $80 million in cash and stock. With these diverse brand expansions, long-time readers might be excited about the likelihood of new High Times products. 

While High Times Holdings is rapidly moving into new territory, High Times magazine is likely to go up in smoke along with many other print media, especially considering the instability of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, High Times is capitalizing on the pot legalization wave by creating an IPO and providing opportunities to invest in High Times.   

High Times Investment Stock

You can grow with High Times by purchasing High Times investment stock.

In 2018, High Times magazine filed for a regulation A+ Initial Public Offering (IPO), which would provide investors with an opportunity to purchase High Times magazine stock at $11 per share with a minimum purchase requirement of $550. While the company has not yet begun public trading, anyone can make a High Times investment by meeting the minimum purchasing requirements. According to a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange (SEC), High Times Holding will pay shareholders annual dividends of 16% starting September 2020. 

What Is High Times Stock Worth?

According to Forbes in February, “Investors can purchase High Times stock for a minimum of $99, valuing the money-losing company at $11 per share or $225 million.” However, recently, a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) increased the company’s authorized share total from $100 million to $1 billion with a minimum required investment of 50 shares of common stock still at $11 per share. So far, High Times has gathered over $20 million from 25,000 shareholders. 

Is High Times on the Stock Market? and What Is the Stock Symbol for High Times?

According to, “Hightimes Holding Corp., the owner of High Times, has announced that it has been approved for trading and has received its ticker symbol from FINRA. Upon completion of certain regulatory formalities, Hightimes will trade under the symbol ‘HTHC.’” The company plans to list the stock on the OTCXQ market; however, at the time of this publication, High Times has yet to start trading publicly. 

How Do You Invest in High Times Stocks?

Anyone can make a High Times investment as long as they can meet the minimum required investment of 50 shares of common stock still at $11 per share. You can visit the High Times Investment Page to make an investment and review the SEC filing and Offering Circular. 

High Times Investment and Company FAQs

When was High Times magazine founded?

High Times magazine was founded in 1974 by Tom Facade of the Underground Press Syndicate. It was originally created as a larf to present pictures of marijuana similar to Playboy Centerfolds. The magazine saw its readership dramatically increase throughout subsequent decades until consumers switched their preferences from print to digital media. 

While cannabis enthusiasts everywhere will surely mourn the eventual extinction of High Times magazine printed issues, we should all look forward to this marijuana culture cornerstone’s increase in Cannabis Cup events and new foray into retail dispensaries. Be on the lookout for High Times weed for sale in the coming months- something many of us have only blue dreamed about. 

How much has High Times raised?

Currently High Times has raised over $20 million from at least 30,000 investors. You can invest with High Times at any time as long as you can provide the minimum investment requirement of $550, which would purchase 50 shares at $11 per share.  

Is High Times still published?

While High Times released a print issue in April, at the beginning of the pandemic, it hasn’t released an issue since. It’s unclear if the company will have the capacity to resume print publication after the pandemic. However, a spokesperson for the company stated, “The April edition of High Times magazine has already been released and the publication will continue to be printed in the months to come.”

Does High Times sell seeds?

While High Times has recently purchased 13 retail cannabis dispensaries in California, the company is not currently selling seeds or publicly discussing doing so in the future. However, some seed companies are offering coupons and other deals to High Times readers when purchasing products from these companies.   


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