September 11, 2018

High Times: At the Forefront of Cannabis Culture

September 11, 2018
High Times is the original and definitive voice of cannabis, and is now offering investment into the cannabis culture.

By Sarah Tomerlin

As cannabis moves further into the spotlight in 2018, cannabis and the culture surrounding its use have become an increasingly popular topic of discussion. The cannabis community has been pushing back for years against the ludicrous stereotyped stoner of dated PSAs, and today it is gaining momentum as producers and consumers feel more and more comfortable sharing their stories and connecting through public channels.

The Original Voice of Cannabis

Since 1974, High Times magazine has been a central hub for the cannabis community, as a means for gathering and educating. High Times is a vocal advocate for the community and cannabis legalization through its reporting on cannabis-related news, topics, events, and studies.

The misinformation that has been spread about cannabis through decades of criminalization in the US has created a thirst for current and honest reporting on cannabis, something that has at times been difficult as the community feels the growing pains of inconsistent legalization.

Throughout this, High Times has remained the go-to source for honest information relating to the diversity of cannabis topics: health, culture, grow, products, events. As such, High Times today has become a cultural force in shaping the ongoing discussion of cannabis, both as a platform for members of the cannabis community and as a means of combating harmful miseducation and stereotyping.

The Definitive Voice of Cannabis

Beyond its cultural impact as a publication, High Times magazine, in recent years, has done even more to connect the cannabis community through its Cannabis Cup festivals. While always serving as the connection between cannabis enthusiasts, the company’s foray into cannabis events has done more to connect a range of members of the cannabis community, including growers, vendors, artists, aficionados, and more.

At a time when the image of cannabis consumption is being overhauled, members of the community are poised to step into the open and share more about what makes cannabis culture unique. And events like the Cannabis Cup, where community members can meet and share their experiences, are providing outlets for that community to make its mark.

Today, the cannabis community is writing its own book on all things cannabis. From fact checking outdated and propagandized research to reporting on the latest cannabis trends, members of the community are shifting the narrative on cannabis to one that accurately reflects their culture and ideals. And High Times is positioned at the center of this movement.

Because their authority on cannabis is second to none, High Times has been able to quickly expand their media platforms to meet the growing demand for cannabis as a part of everyday life. After years of battling the illicit nature of drugs, cannabis is moving toward the mainstream, thanks in large part to the efforts of High Times.

Investing in Cannabis Culture

As legalization gains momentum across the US and the world, cannabis culture is flourishing, and so are the investment dollars flowing into this fast growing and enormous industry. The push toward popular acceptance and use of cannabis in one form or another makes investing in its emerging industry a hot topic.

High Times, as a cornerstone of the cannabis community, has announced its intent to go public. True to their commitment to cannabis culture and the people who shape it, High Times is actively including their readership in the opportunity, offering shares at $11 each.

High Times is offering a number of investment packages that highlight the culture and lifestyle the magazine represents. With over 4,200 investors already part of the High Times family, the cannabis community is jumping on board.

Visit High Times’ investment page for more info on this opportunity to invest in the future of cannabis culture.

Author Bio:Sarah Tomerlin is the Editor of 420 Interactive. Sarah manages content streams for a wide scope of agency projects and brands in the cannabis space, delivering compelling content and implementing successful media strategies.

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