February 5, 2018

Holiday Road

February 5, 2018
Cannabis has created a new avenue for tourism in the United States that people are not quite sure how to utilize

I have been to Amsterdam twice. Admittedly, it was to smoke
weed. The city is beautiful, the culture is super cool and the heady lifestyle
that was brought into the city in the 1960’s has remained. But I didn’t go to
see the Van Gogh museum or take a boat down the canals, I went to try the best
weed on the planet. I went to experience the cannabis culture that is present
there. Those other things were just an added benefit.

Cannabis has created a new avenue for tourism in the United
States that people are not quite sure how to utilize just yet. Lack of
advertising is a bummer for those looking to vacation in an adult-use state.
City and state tourism boards still shy away from promoting weed as an
attraction. The purpose of tourism is to highlight the beauty of a particular area,
but it is tough to do that with cannabis though. You cannot smoke it publicly
anywhere, and the way the packaging and restriction laws are written are such
that you must essentially take your products to a small dark room and get high.
Weed tourism faces some speedbumps and legal states still have a long way to go
before pot tourism can flourish, but that doesn’t mean there is nowhere to
enjoy a good buzz.

Weed tourism may be in its infancy, however there are still places
to enjoy yourself without having to be holed up in a quiet room somewhere,
jamming a bunch of towels under the door, and blowing your hits strategically
out the window behind a fan. The moment you search for cannabis tourism you
will find hotels and hostels that are very welcoming to the cannabis traveler and
will not only give you the place to smoke, but will also have you fixed up the
moment you enter your room with buds, brownies, bongs, dabs, topicals, bath
bombs, you name it. Most places that allow cannabis offer the freedom to kick
back and smoke, or vape, in your respective accommodations without having to
worry about a thing.

Going to a dispensary is a great experience if you haven’t
visited one. Budtenders are a fun group with contagious energy. They get into
this business because of their love of the plant and they will share that love
with everyone that comes their way. Once you’ve met the budtenders though, now
what? My420tours.com offers an abundance of Colorado, California, and Washington,
and Oregon tours that are available for you to jump on. California, Nevada, and
Massachusetts will soon be available on their itinerary. Cannabis tours are one
of the only places outside of the budroom where you get to interact with and be
educated by people in the industry. Getting behind-the-scenes access to parts
of the industry that people do not know about and are curious to see is similar
to what is offered at wineries. Additionally, you will also be able to enjoy a
vineyard-esque tour of cannabis farms. As a weed smoker there are few things
that compare to walking through a professional grow when the most you’ve ever
seen is what your buddy grows in his closet or the latest pics from High Times.

It will be a minute until you see any fatty-friendly coffee
shops like the ones they have in Europe, but to a lesser extent they are kind
of an option in Colorado. Coloradopotguide.com will offer you a listing of the
front range cannabis lounges and dab bars that are available for you to visit
during your stay. Ganjasana in Denver combines yoga and cannabis. I would
highly recommend a cannabis infused massage or try to track down the local
Puff, Pass, and Paint as an opportunity to get creative with like-minded
friends while smoking and painting in a private setting. A cannabis cooking
class like Stir Cooking school is offered through Kushtourism.com, they can educate
you in the art of making your own cannabis gummy edibles when you go home…if
you go home.

Whether you are looking for canna-friendly lodgings that
allow you to blaze without getting kicked out, need advice on the finest
selection of weed that your pallet desires, feel like painting your
masterpiece, or are just looking for some cool scenery while in an elevated
state you’ll be covered. As the country embraces cannabis like never before and
cannabis travel begins to evolve, there’s no time like the present to get out
here and enjoy what we have to offer. And keep in mind, in addition to the marijuana
adventures, the states that have legalized weed also have some pretty cool added
benefits as well.


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