August 10, 2021

Innovation in Cannabis Vaping: Trust your Vapor with Airgraft

August 10, 2021

Vape products and devices are a major sector of the cannabis industry that has seen considerable growth and innovation over the last several years as more companies (and consumers) spring up in newly legalized states. 

Airgraft is a vapor platform serving different cannabis brands that make some of the world’s best extractions, using stringent safety standards throughout that guarantee you’re getting exactly what you need: nothing more, nothing less. 

Innovation for Cannabis Vaping 

The Airgraft team is made up of cannabis outsiders, arriving in the industry from the world of health and consumer tech. Their past experience told them that the cannabis sector was ripe for disruption in this area, and they’ve arrived to deliver. 

“When it comes to concentrate vaporization technologies, the industry is still in the early stages of development. The team at Airgraft focused on science to create a device that works exactly as it should. Many vaporization devices available on the market today employ extremely simple technologies that just burn extracts, and the experience isn’t quite right for the user,” said Founder and CEO of Airgraft Mladen Barbaric. 

“Imagine using a stovetop that has only two temperature settings – off and high – to boil oil. At one point, it will start boiling and then immediately start burning. When the cannabis extract is overheated, the molecular structure of the oil is altered. You’re producing chemicals you didn’t mean to create, chemicals which consumers definitely shouldn’t be putting into their bodies.” 

With Airgraft 2, the team has sought to improve the technology and consumer experience without arriving at a product that was prohibitively expensive. 

First, they redesigned the pod using FDA-recognized heated-food safe materials, tailored heating profiles, and fluid dynamics optimized airflow, which delivers the substance effectively without combustion.

Their next innovation was to decouple the oil from the tech by giving the pods to the growers for free. Only the oil is retailed, reducing the pod price substantially for the consumer. 

Airgraft Membership 

New extracts are added monthly through the membership, which allows consumers to enjoy these extracts for less and allows Airgraft to continue innovating its pods. 

Typically, cannabis brands buy vaporizer cartridges, fill them, and distribute through wholesale, where they are sold again to consumers. This forces the cost to be hiked up at every step, resulting in a product that simply isn’t worth its price tag. 

Oil and pod have always been retailed together, maximizing markup so consumers pay more. Airgraft removes the technology, pod and packaging costs from all of these markup steps, so when you buy Airgraft pods, you are truly paying for the cannabis only. 

Airgraft helps cut that markup by giving the pods to the growers for free. To make up for this profit gap, the company charges a membership fee in order for consumers to unlock pods through their monthly subscription model, which also contributes to lower retail prices. 

Through this process, Airgraft has cut the retail cost of a typical pod significantly, allowing consumers to enjoy quality products that are easier on their wallets.

Safety Standards 

In addition to extensively testing the oils and fine-tuning the heating algorithm to ensure precise vaporization and prevent harmful smoke, Airgraft prioritizes safety in every aspect.

Made from heat- and food-safe copolymer plastic, Airgraft pods are free of harmful additives, like bisphenol derivatives or phthalate-based plasticizers that can do damage to the human body.

The pods are also biomass based, which reduces environmental impact. This is extremely important today, especially in an industry that is notorious for its single-use plastic. 

All Airgraft product components are also tested to ensure they’re free from heavy metals, like the ceramic heating element and other structural and functional parts of the pods.

Past vaporizer scandals have made consumers wary of batteries, which can overheat, explode, or cause some other catastrophic and possibly-lethal failure. 

The Airgraft team is well aware of this risk, which is why Airgraft 2 contains a state-of-the-art UL Safety Certified lithium polymer battery, featuring a safety protection control circuit designed to prevent these sorts of dangerous situations. 

Finally, each Airgraft 2 pod is chipped and encrypted, making it impossible for counterfeits to occur. When you go with Airgraft 2, you can rest assured that you’ve got a reliable and safe means of consuming cannabis on your hands. 

Learn more about Airgraft, their technology, and their memberships here.


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