September 3, 2018

Laganja Estranja Debuts EP, Tackles Racial Profiling and White Privilege

September 3, 2018
Laganja Estranja

In case you missed it, Laganja Estranja is one of the newest, hippest cannabis activists on the weed scene right now (I mean, the name says it all, really). Through her personal and public platforms, she has become a public figure for cannabis advocacy and reaches a demographic of the American (and sometimes international) public with her message about cannabis as medicine, the unjust profiling of cannabis users, and the need for prison reform.

“Cannabis should be legal and de-stigmatized because it is medicine. It changes people’s lives, and countless medical studies have been done to prove it’s efficacy,” she explained.

After success and a rise to stardom from her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race and So You Think You Can Dance, Laganja Estranja is breaking new ground with her debut EP, Exhibit A. The five-track release shows off Estranja’s range as a burgeoning hip-hop artist, starting with the EP’s debut single, “Look At Me.”​

As explained by Out, Estranja debuted a music video for “Look At Me,” which tackles social issues including racial profiling, white privilege, prison reform, aggressive police tactics and targeting of Cannabis users. The video, which was conceptualized as a short film, shows the stark differences in Laganja’s white privilege as a Cannabis user while her Latino boyfriend is unfairly targeted by police and arrested for possession of a joint and locked away, an all too common occurrence in America.

Laganja Estranja

Laganja Estranja and Cannabis Activism

Estranja’s activism stems from her own experience with medical cannabis. During her junior year of college she was dropped on her back and started seeing chiropractor, who suggested she try cannabis for pain management. Although she had always been taught that cannabis was bad and not to use it, this experience completely changed her whole perception about the plant. She says that then, “When I became a drag queen I knew I wanted to have cannabis be a part of my platform because it plays such a big role in so many people’s lives, including mine.”

Estranja added, “I wanted to be a choreographer, I never thought I would be a drag queen. I was already a self-proclaimed activist and didn’t necessarily want to have this platform, but, once I had it, knew I should use it for something more than fame or show business, I wanted to also be able to educate people and make meaningful change.”

The outspoken star turned cannabis activist also explained that she is going to educate herself and her followers, and that is has all been a learning curve for her to me learn in front of the public. “I’m trying to be very conscious about what and how I post, and make it informational and educational for all my followers and I am learning alongside many of them as I continue to advocate for this plant.”

You can learn more about Laganja Estranja here and check out the video and details here.

“I am trying to progress the world in all the ways, whether that’s gay rights, cannabis legalization, or prison reform,” she said.

We will be keeping an eye on Laganja and her future work, and are grateful for her dedication to change.


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