December 5, 2016

Man Cries Smoking Best Weed of His Life [Video]

December 5, 2016

Whether you’re laughing or not, we’ve all been there. You’re enjoying a smoke and you think to yourself, “Man, this might be the best weed I’ve ever smoked.”

It might be the best weed…or you might just be enjoying it so much you think so. Regardless of which is which, you know that hit brought you joy in some form or another. For recreational users, perhaps you’re catching the buzz you’ve looked forward to all day. For medicinal users, this plant is changing you life, one toke at a time.

At first, I just thought this guy had taken such a large hit that his eyes were watering. But after listening to him talk, it definitely seems to me that this might just be the greatest blunt he’s ever had. He starts by coughing and bit and goes on to tell viewers:

“Thank god for my reefer man. That shit good. Every time my reefer man has some good weed when I come back that afternoon…I wanna know what mothafuckin’ deals he be getting. He needs to get more of this shit. This shit too good.”



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