December 21, 2016

The New Generation of Cannabis Consumers [Demographics Research]

December 21, 2016
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Things are ever changing in this age and at this stage of the cannabis movement. We have watched laws change, industries develop and – perhaps most importantly – attitudes about the cannabis plant itself change.

As the stigma surrounding this plant is slowly lifted, more and more research surrounding the plant and the people who consume it is coming to light.  One such study, posted by Miner and Co. Studio on November 30th, did just that.

People are increasingly more receptive to the idea that many cannabis consumers are very functional, productive members of society, and now we have some numbers to prove it. Upscale purchasers of brand name cannabis products are breaking stereotypes and changing the marijuana marketplace.

NEW YORK, November 30, 2016 — A new class of Cannabis Consumers is reshaping marijuana culture.  These individuals break the ‘out of it’ stoner stereotype in favor of feeling more ‘present’ and ‘mindful’ while they consume cannabis.  They also actively seek out cannabis products that are high quality, high-end and often artfully branded and packaged.

According to a new study by Miner and Co. Studio, of 800 Cannabis Consumers surveyed (all of whom purchase the rapidly growing category of ‘branded’ cannabis products), today’s Cannabis Consumer looks decidedly different than the traditional ‘stoner’ stereotype.

Based on survey responses, they are:

  • 30 years old on average
  • 65% male; 35% female
  • 65% have a household income of $75K or more
  • 84% employed full-time
  • 63% married or living with a significant other
  • 42% parents of children <18
  • 49% Democrat; 45% Republican
  • 88% consider themselves part of a new cannabis culture – identifying as social, sophisticated and professional individuals rather than lazy loners.


Mindful, Present, Focused vs. Stoned

The overwhelming majority of these Cannabis Consumers are consuming cannabis and cannabis products to enhance their daily and social experiences.  95% prefer a high that allows them to be ‘present’, ‘mindful’ and/or ‘focused’ and less than 1 in 3 say they consume cannabis to feel ‘stoned’, ‘zonked’ and/or ‘out of it.’

Cannabis has become an integral part of their overall well-being, with 9 in 10 stating they include cannabis as part of their wellness program alongside diet and exercise. For many, cannabis is also seen as a healthier, less addictive and more natural alternative to substances like alcohol, OTC and prescription drugs.

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