March 23, 2022

PBR Made a Weed Drink, and It’s Lit

March 23, 2022
PBR Made a Weed Drink, and It’s Lit
Your favorites are at it again. PBR is launching a new cannabis-infused seltzer in California. Here’s why you need to give it a taste.

You’ve heard of seltzer. You’ve heard of alcoholic seltzer. But have you heard about cannabis infused seltzer? The legal cannabis industry has given stoners many things, including exciting new ways to consume everyone’s favorite green. 

Now, a classic beer company with a cult-following has thrown its hat in the ring with a unique take on hard-seltzer made for the cannabis market. PBR – yes, that PBR – has officially launched its new line of cannabis-infused seltzers to California customers!

Brief History of Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon, colloquially known as PBR by barflies across the United States, has been brewing one of America’s favorite lager beers since 1844 – it says so right on the label! 

Established in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the original PBR brewery was owned by one of the founder’s (Emil Schandein) parents and was named “Best Brewery.” Emil’s sister, Lisette Schandein, married a German-American immigrant named Frederick Pabst, who worked with Emil to run the family brewery. After Frederick’s passing, Lisette changed the name from “Best Brewery” to “Pabst Brewery” and a legend was born.

In 1893, three years after the Pabst brand’s debut, the original Pabst Blue Ribbon beer won the title of ‘America’s Best Beer.’ This recognition signaled the beginning of a successful future culminating when Pabst Blue Ribbon won Best Large Brewing Company of the Year in 2015. Today, individuals can find PBR in nearly every bar in the U.S. and markets around the world.

Though best known for their signature Blue Ribbon lager, PBR has released an impressive variety of products over the years, never shy about experimenting with innovative flavor pairings and products. Some of PBR’s other famous releases have included non-alcoholic beer, alcoholic tea and seltzer, and even hard iced-coffee. Now, after more than 170 years of brewing some of America’s best beer, PBR is joining the cannabis game in a major way with infused 10mg THC seltzers. 

Introducing: PBR High Seltzer

Hard seltzers were all the rage when they hit the market a few years ago, and unlike other fads, they have remained a popular choice for weekday wind-downs and weekend turn-ups. Now, for people that prefer weed to catch a buzz, there’s a similar product that lets you get high while enjoying refreshing, flavored bubbly juice drinks. 

Pabst Labs THC-infused seltzer gives you a ‘different kind of buzz,’ providing the soothing effects of cannabis in a convenient, delicious, and hydrating delivery method. 

PBR High Seltzer Flavor Profiles

Cannabis edibles have come a long way since your friend made them with Jell-O in their kitchen or the quintessential pot brownies that taste more like pot than brownie, but many commercial cannabis edibles still have that signature ‘weedy’ flavor that puts many users off. 

Pabst Lemon Seltzer is crisp, refreshing, and slightly sweet with the distinct zing of vibrant fruit flavors. Despite being infused with enough cannabis to give you a nice buzz, you won’t taste weed in this seltzer – just delightfully juicy bubbles! 

Their complete flavor lineup includes: lemon, strawberry-kiwi, passion-fruit-pineapple, and mango-blood-orange – all so equally delicious it’s impossible to pick a favorite. 

How Many PBR High Seltzers to Get High?

Original PBR lager isn’t meant to knock you on your butt after a single can, and neither are the new PBR High Seltzers. Each 12 ounce can contains 10 milligrams of THC, enough that you can enjoy two or three infused seltzers before you noticeably begin to feel the effects. 

Meant to be enjoyed socially as you would any other hard seltzer, a few cans will give you a delightful buzz you can ride like a wave. 

Does PBR High Seltzer Have Alcohol?

Containing zero alcohol, PBR High Seltzer solely focuses on delivering real juice paired with premium California cannabis. One of the easiest ways to consume and enjoy the effects of THC, drinking a can or two of infused seltzer (with 10 mg. THC each), will have you feeling comfortably high in no time. 

Thanks to a proprietary advanced emulsion technology, these infused seltzers work quicker than the average edible, and allow for the most efficient absorption into your system, so you can catch a better buzz quicker. 

Where You Can Find PBR High Seltzer

Want to give PBR’s latest launch a try for yourself? Pabst Labs THC Seltzers are now on sale at several retail locations across the state of California, and available for delivery on Pabst Labs for customers in the greater Los Angeles, San Diego and Bay Areas. 

Final Thoughts

For non-smokers, cannabis can be hard to enjoy, especially if edibles can feel like an overwhelming and daunting experience, and difficult to find the perfect sweet spot. Hard seltzers are more accommodating, as a familiar product, and an excellent way to enjoy the effects of cannabis conveniently, and enjoyably. 

For seasoned cannabis users, products like PBR High Seltzers are another bonus of the legal cannabis industry and this summer’s new and cool way to get high! 

Don’t believe us? Try for yourself! Crack a Pabst Labs Seltzer at your next social gathering. 


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