January 11, 2017

Redhat Ralph’s Marijuana Concoction Will Keep You High All Day

January 11, 2017
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This particular weekend has been interesting for folks in PDX. We had a wonderfully short-lived snow storm Saturday morning into the early afternoon, immediately followed by lowering temperatures and freezing rain. The result is a white wonderland over which every and any thing slips and slides. This is the type of weather that makes me so happy to have reached the point in life that we don’t have to go anywhere unless we want to go. The term I used when I first mentioned this to Flo was “my enviable life”.

hummingbirdWhy would I consider my life enviable? Oh, let me count the ways (ha, ha). Over the previous three weeks my DVR allowed me to enjoy 41 college football Bowl games, and this weekend allowed me to enjoy the four NFL Playoff football games. So there I am, watching a professional Wild Card football game, eating chili and baked potatoes, stoned on a wonderful mixture I create in my small glass pipe, while a hearty little hummingbird feeds itself from our ice-encrusted feeder. Man, I love my life!

Potent Marijuana Blend

The week before last, while I was attempting to manage the pain I was experiencing in my left hip, Flo and I were driving back to Beaverton from one of my many medical appointments at OHSU at South Waterfront and we stopped in at Green Goddess Remedies along Taylors Ferry Road to investigate some CBD solutions. Although CBD did not remedy my pain, the stop did refresh their location in my mind so that I remembered it when I was driving by them later last week. A quick stop and an informed suggestion from the budtender yielded a gram of Hashberry cannabis, a wonderful indica strain.

So, back to my Saturday and Sunday. Since I had nowhere to go and all weekend to get there, within my small glass pipe I placed:

  • a small nugget of Hashberry
  • a couple of layers of very small pieces of Beehive’s Obama Kush Shatter
  • another small nugget of Hashberry
  • and then a few small grains from the hash ball that was in my VIP bag from PDX Weed Week.

Each bowl of this concoction will last me three or so stones, so it only takes two or three bowls to keep me high all day.

Now, let me make it clear that it is very unusual for me to “wake and bake”. There are a few things that I do every morning before I will even consider getting high. Other than writing, I will not do anything on my PC if I am high. Having been Microsoft Certified (MCSA, MCSE, MCT), I know enough to be VERY dangerous to a PC (poor dumb silicon-based near life form). I also know from well-earned experience not to work on our family finances unless I am straight and in fairly good humor. I may make quick short replies to emails or texts while I am high, but to sit and create an email or a blog that makes sense to someone who is not high, I must create while I am straight. But that is just me; your mileage may vary.

by Redhat Ralph

About the Author

Redhat Ralph is a happily married grandfather. He and his wonderfully tolerant wife of 30 years relocated from a small town in the middle of North Dakota to an apartment in downtown Portland and eventually to a home they own in Beaverton. Ralph and Flo have led a rich and fulfilling life while raising two daughters, including living in Frankfurt Germany while she was a soldier in the US Army (and a broadcaster on AFN), and living in the Grand Canyon National Park where he was the Computer Operations Manager. Ralph is extremely happy that he is still healthy enough to participate in a cannabis lifestyle and looks forward to seeing the end of the federal prohibition of cannabis.


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