September 28, 2020

Biodegradable Joint Tubes Provide Sustainable Solutions for Cannabis

September 28, 2020
MMJpack9Asset 3 has finally launched the first ever line of biodegradable joint tubes to meet the demand of customers across the US and provide innovative solutions to meet biodegradable packaging needs! These doob tubes are a pioneering new product encompassing green solutions and biodegradable packaging for affordable prices, inclusive of a chic design and ease of accessibility that is consistent with their standard plastic joint tubes.

Hefty Countrywide Regulations on Packaging Pose an Ecological Dilemma

An image of a biodegradable doob tube offered by composed of sustainable materials like our biodegradable joint tubes that are eco-friendly and sustainable

The marijuana industry has been a significant source of plastic waste and contamination resulting from single-use packaging materials. At the forefront of all state marijuana packaging laws is the primary goal of avoiding containers which are appealing and accessible to children. Though each state has its own set of industry compliance requirements, these childproofing requirements fall under an umbrella statute, meaning there is no room for state-by-state exceptions when it comes to child protective regulations. Marijuana and marijuana products sold in dispensaries must be sealed in opaque, child-resistant, tamper-evident packaging, among other stringent guidelines that lead to excessive plastic waste.

How Cannabis Safety Requirements Pack on the Plastic

An image of a biodegradable marijuana joint tube offered by composed of sustainable materials like our biodegradable joint tubes that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

While these rules have sparked innovative child-resistant designs that challenge even the sharpest of adult users, the layers of seals and plastic pose an industry-wide ecological problem, creating an urgency for a biodegradable packaging solution. In addition to the bulky plastic containers commonly used to package flower and infused products, heavy, plastic, exit bags are commonly used, and very little of this material is recycled. In fact, much of it isn’t recyclable in the first place.

With several states voting on legalization this November and federal legalization currently being considered by congress, the demand for packaging materials is expected to exponentially increase. The plastic pollution crisis has already reached disproportionate levels and demands greener alternatives to solve this ballooning environmental issue. 

As Cannabis Purchasers Grow Increasingly Eco-Conscious, Consumers Will Favor Sustainable Alternatives

The strict packaging requirements the marijuana industry is beholden to are unlikely to ease up any time soon, so it is up to industry leaders to consider how they might achieve compliance with the state while avoiding adding further strain on our global ecosystem. It is also a consideration some customers and patients will make when purchasing cannabis products as sustainable packaging options grow increasingly popular among consumers. A significant portion of cannabis packaging currently in use is composed of polypropylene (labelled number 5 when inside the recycle symbol), which is the sort of container that ends up in landfills. This material also demands a greater degree of effort and energy to downgrade than most other plastics. For this reason, has developed its line of biodegradable pre roll tubes to help cut back on plastic waste for the slimmest of dispensary products.

These Biodegradable Joint Tubes Aim to Reduce the Cannabis Industry’s Carbon Footprint

A picture of a graphic from illustrating how plastic waste contributes to landfills. is introducing new materials like biodegradable joint tubes that are eco-friendly and sustainable! Having undergone ASTM D5511 testing, these biodegradable joint tubes have shown a 95% degradation within 241 days of disposal. These containers reduce carbon emissions from the time they are manufactured to the time they are disposed of and are made in the USA from bioblend resins, consisting of plant-based polymers and recyclable polypropylene.

Select a Customized Design

A graphic from showing the specs of their sustainable packaging for cannabis joints.

These containers can be customized with labels, custom printed tamper evident shrink wrap, mold labeling artwork, silk screening, heat transfer printing, and custom colors.

The design of this biodegradable packaging is a child resistant, squeeze-and-pop cap for ease of use and compliance with safety requirements.

Opaque Tubes

  • 100% Fully Biodegradable
  • FIRST IN THE INDUSTRY to bring this product to market
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Child-Resistant Certified and Approved
  • ASTM-D5511 Testing
  • #5 Polypropylene
  • Able to fit all standard joint sizes up to 116mm
  • Airtight and odor-resistant
  • NuPlastiQ bio-based polymer resin
  • USDA Certified

        Clear Tubes

  • 100% Fully Biodegradable
  • FIRST IN THE INDUSTRY to bring this product to market
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Child-Resistant Certified and Approved
  • ASTM-D5511 Testing
  • #5 Polypropylene
  • Able to fit all standard joint sizes up to 116mm
  • FDA approved
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Non-toxic
  • Biofilm organic additive

This LA-Based Company Makes Eco-Friendly Product Packaging Easy

An image of the logo for which now offers some eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging options. has been a cannabis industry innovator and leader over the past decade. This packaging company is based out of Los Angeles and has become one of the most trusted names in the industry, supplying manufacturers, processors, dispensaries, collectives, and smoke shops across the nation.

Differentiating Factors

·  They offer the largest and widest range of products, while having the most competitive pricing in the industry.

·  They demonstrate industry leading inventory levels with over 90% of products ready to ship the same day.

·  They are experienced, dedicated account managers that can assist with custom-tailored inventory forecasting to ensure their customers never run out of stock.

·  Their large facilities give them the ability to offer warehousing and 3PL services.

·  Unlike their competitors who outsource, they have printing capabilities as well as a dedicated design team to create and execute custom branded packaging inhouse with industry-leading turnaround time.

·  Their newly redesigned website offers the best shopping experience in the industry.

·  Beyond the standard packaging needs, they offer innovative patented products that cannot be found anywhere else.

Marijuana Packaging is Your One-Stop-Shop for Wholesale Smoking Accessories

Their mission has always been customer satisfaction, staying one step ahead of the competition, and being the first to pioneer exclusive new products. They facilitate B2B services to clients and offer custom printed packaging on any number of their bulk products. Being a one-stop-shop means provides a wide array of smoking accessories, commercial cannabis supplies and machinery, and everything else in between!

Whether you’re a manufacturer, processor, dispensary owner, collective member, or smoke shop owner, check out the newly refreshed and see which sustainable packaging is right for your business.

This graphic from demonstrates how the marijuana industry contributes to CO2 emissions.


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