September 15, 2017

More Summer Events and Dispensary Stops: Walking with Redhat Ralph

September 15, 2017
Summer Events and Dispensary

More summer events and dispensary stops in Week 16 with RedHat Ralph….

This week includes serving Root Beer at the Oregon Brewers Festival, the Canna Closet Oregon launch, and The Summer Fair 2.  Here is how I walked 22.6 miles from Sunday July 23 through Saturday, July 29.

Sunday, 7/23/17, 0.2 miles. Today it will get warm, so I will stay home, stay buzzed, watch pre-season football, and clean part of the house.

Monday, 7/24/17, 0.9 miles.   It is expected to reach 90 or so today, so again I am staying home.  Perhaps I will clean more of the house.

Tuesday, 7/25/17, 3.3 miles.  Third day with expected warm temperatures, so I shall stay home again, right after I walk to my dentist’s office, visit the dental hygienist to receive my quarterly teeth cleaning, and wander back home.  I also finish cleaning the house once Flo is up and out of bed.

Wednesday, 7/26/17, 2.8miles.  Today I take the MAX Blue line train to Tom McCall Waterfront Park to volunteer at the Oregon Brewers Festival.  I have done this every year since we moved to Portland and love serving Root Beer from Crater Lake Soda to folks at the Festival.  The children and designated drivers appreciate that we have this available for them in a shaded tent with tables and (youth) chairs so that the children can color and draw.  All of the proceeds from the sale of the carbonated beverages ($1 or a token per glass for those not a child and not a designated driver) goes to the Community Transitional School, which provides “at-risk children with a stable educational environment that promotes their academic and personal growth.”

Thursday, 7/27/17, 3.4 miles.  Another wonderful day at Tom McCall Park, handing out Root Beer and Apple Ginger Soda to folks at the Oregon Brewers Festival.

Friday, 7/28/17, 7.9 miles.  Today I am heading to the east side of town.  I was too lazy to leave home in time to attend the Canna Closet OR Launch at the Jupiter Hotel on East Burnside.  However, since it is Friday I take the MAX to the Rosa Parks stop and visit Satchel for another episode of 5-gram-Fridays.  Today my nose tells me to pick up 5 grams of Cosmic Treehouse’s Purple Hindu Kush.  From here I slowly wander south down Interstate Ave and visit Jeffery’s, a yet-to-be-opened new dispensary in the old Greensky Collective dispensary building.  Nusheen Ava Bakhtiar is gracious and takes the time to show me around their new space while Sam continues to get the place ready.  A short wander south brings me to The North Warehouse where I try to help folks get ready for tomorrow’s party.  I spend a little time helping Katherine Self assemble a display rack for her farm’s merchandise.  I discover that I am much older and out of shape than I thought when I attempt to help two gentlemen lay some sod in the outdoor consumption area; after laying a dozen or so pieces of sod I must take my leave.  I wander the Eastbank Esplanade, cross the Steel Bridge, and wander south along the Willamette River before heading home.

summer fair
Having fun at the Summer Fair!

Saturday 7/29/17, 4.1 miles.  Today is The Summer Fair 2! I leave home in Beaverton at 7 and finally arrive at the North Warehouse at 9:30, but at least I had the good sense to stop at Coco Doughnuts downtown and arrive with a dozen assorted doughnuts for the crew.  Stephanie Barnhart has graciously included my name in the list of Staff at the event, and has assigned me to perform “General Help” during the event.  Most of my day has me checking names from “The List”.  In other words, if you arrive and tell the ticket taker “my name is on ‘the list’”, the ticket taker sends you to me and I check “The List”.  It is so good to be King (or at least to feel that you could wield King-like power).  Of course, all of us volunteers also take time away from our assigned duties to experience the Fair itself.  During different times of the day I visited with many of the vendors at their booths inside the warehouse before making my way to the outside area and visiting with each and every one of the vendors.  You see, the outside area is the consumption area, and there is a lot of social consumption being achieved here today!  I took the opportunity to try some dabbles, some THC-a isolate, and the REL Goliath vape pen.  The dabbles are wonderful; I want to try them again.  The THC-a isolate vaporized in my mouth tasting like a diet marshmallow puff; I will need to try it a few (hundred) more times before I can properly review it.  The Goliath absolutely wowed me; finally I have found a vape pen that gives me a proper volume of vapor!  Finally!

Man, I hate the Tear-Down time because it indicates that I must wait another year to participate in this; on the other hand I really enjoy it because you would be surprised at all the goodies we find discarded hither thither and yon.  I found a few joints and a few containers of shatter in just one round.  By the time I walked to the MAX station I had collected at least a week’s worth of odds and ends.  This is so the life of a retired pot-head.  I LOVE MY LIFE!


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