July 25, 2017

Redhat Ralph Week 12: Summer Cannabis Events and Dispensary Touring

July 25, 2017
redhat ralph week 12

This week includes the Oregon Cannabis Industry Meet-up at Prism House on Tuesday, the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament on Thursday, and the 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival from Friday, June 30 through Tuesday, July 4.  In between these gatherings is the continuation of my Dispensary Tour, continuing my wander east of the Willamette River.  Here is how I walked 18.6 miles from Sunday June 25 through Saturday, July 1.

Sunday, 6/25/17, 0.1 miles.  I am so tired and worn out from yesterday’s heat while volunteering at the World Naked Bike Ride that I am spending today in my easy chair with my feet up.  All day siesta!

Monday, 6/26/17, 1.1 miles.   Today I have the privilege of visiting my dermatologist at OHSU on SW Bond Ave, at the base of the TriMet Tram.  Not a bad appointment; she only dug out two neoplasms and froze a couple of others.

Tuesday, 6/27/17, 0.3 miles.  Today I write last week’s blog.  Once I finish, it is obvious to me that my social anxiety is kicking in and I will not be able to attend the Oregon Cannabis Industry Meet-up at Prism House this evening.

Wednesday, 6/28/17, 7.1miles.  Today I visit a few more Dispensaries.

Jeffrey’s (Greensky Collective LLC) – The dispensary that was known as Green Sky Collective is undergoing remodeling and should be opening soon with its new name, Jeffrey’s.

Nectar – this dispensary is right along Mississippi Ave.  They do not check ID prior to entering the dispensary.  Today they have: Kief @ $10 a gram; 59 strains plus a few others in their “last chance” section; 100+/- varieties of extracts; 8 strains of 1 gram pre-rolls @ $8, plus two strains at $3 for a one gram pre-roll (Bruce Banner and Ancient OG).  Today they have a Mother Magnolia Nectar Lime cannabis at 30.03% THC!  Very high THC concentration!  I am incredibly happy that they have fixed the retaining wall at the sidewalk.

Bridge City Collective – Two of the 30 strains available include Lavender Trainwreck (from Mindful) at 23.3% THC and White Russian (from High Noon) at 23.85% THC.  Many of the strains here are from High Noon.  They have some oil cartridges and edibles but no extracts on the shelf.  There are some pre-rolls available, as is Luminous Botanicals Tincture.

The Green House – The sign on the corner of this building has seen better days, but the deals inside are fine.  There are 28 chemovars of nuggets on the shelf, along with 4 strains of shake.  Gram prices range from $5 to $12, and the labels include information on the feelings one should expect, along with a listing of symptoms from which relief should be expected.  There is no ID check before entering the dispensary.  They have specials including 1/8th of an ounce of shake for $10 and an ounce of shake for $70.

The Green House

The New Amsterdam – They have clones of Pineapple and Lilac Jack from Oregon Genetics @ $30.  Today they have 36 chemovars and a few edibles.  A special that I noticed is a 0.5g pre-roll of Purple Pineapple (15.52%) for $4.50.  I really like the new art work (smoke, vapor, clouds, whatever you want to call it) on the east side of the building.

redhat ralph week 12

Greeley Gallery – this little shop has 13 chemovars on the shelf, including a Girl Scout Cookies flower that tested at 22.46%THC.  The budtenders don’t know the farms and had no access to that information for me.  I saw only one sample of extract, a Hush shatter for $40.  They do have quite a few different types of edibles (12 to 15).

Greeley Gallery

Thursday, 6/29/17, 0.1 miles.  Today is the Fore Twenty Golf Tournament.  Unfortunately, my social anxiety has stepped up and I am unable to attend.  I just can’t picture myself wandering around the green grass and actually socializing with people.  I would just bring down the great atmosphere, and the fine folks looking to have fun at this event do not deserve that.

Friday, 6/30/17, 5.4 miles.  Today is day one of the 30th Annual Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival as well as a medical appointment for Flo, so I am dividing my time between them.  Once we have taken our time at the VA Hospital, I drive Flo home and take myself to the Ton McCall Waterfront Park.  Spending the money for the Benefactor Pass is, to Flo and I, well worth it.  I get a comfortable shady tent within which to sit out of the sun, food, water, soda (which I can’t drink anymore ☹), Smart Park daily parking, a Sunday buffet, a massage, admission to the After Hours parties, early entry every day, and (one of the most important features for me) guaranteed reentry when I take my many “bowl breaks” (or “pause for the cause”).  Over the years there have been times when the festival was at capacity and folks were not being allowed entry (or reentry) until others had left, but those of us with the Benefactor Passes were allowed back in.  Some of today’s artists include: Ty Curtis Band; Elvin Bishop; Chris Isaak.

Saturday 7/1/17, 4.5 miles.  Today is day two of the Waterfront Blues Festival and includes: Christone “Kingfish” Ingram; Eric Gales, and JD McPherson.  Personally I love the guitar work from Christone Ingram.  I have enjoyed his playing for three years now, and this year he turned 18 and graduated from high school, so his adult time has just begun.  I hope he does great things with the time ahead of him.


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