May 15, 2017

RedHat Ralph’s Weeks 3 and 4 of Oregon Cannabis Events

May 15, 2017
RedHat Ralph's Weeks 3 and 4 of Oregon Cannabis Events

My posts of Week 1 and Week 2 were so full of activity, I didn’t think they could be topped until Weeks 3 and 4 came around!

Cannabis Season – Week 3

This week includes Dope Cup 2017, another wander to Frankie’s place, and visits to some of my favorite downtown Portland dispensaries. Here is how I walked 13.0 miles from Sunday April 23 through Saturday, April 29.

Sunday, 1.7 miles. I took the BoltBus from Portland to Seattle and then walked about a mile south to Dockside Cannabis to attend Dope Cup 2017. It was, of course, raining most of the short walk there, but timing worked for me. When they opened the event gates at 4pm, I was in very quickly. By the time my phone’s 4:20pm alarm rang out (yes, I actually have an alarm to remind me that it is 4:20 – don’t we all?), I had stowed my overnight bag and backpack in the VIP tent and was taking a dab hit from one of the many setups throughout the venue. My right foot is bothering me so much that I staked out a wonderful seat in the VIP tent where I stayed most of the afternoon, participating in puff-puff-pass as well as dab-dab-dab. It was here that I was fortunate enough to try some high CBD shatter (from Katie, a very lovely young lady sitting next to me) which alleviated the pain in my foot enough to allow me to take a couple of strolls through the exhibits. I was also fortunate enough to try some Ruderalis shatter, and to introduce Max Montrose (Trichome Institute) to the shatter and its maker. Max has been doing research into Ruderalis and was very interested in talking with the grower and sampling some of his product. I also spent quality time with Anthony Nitowski (the dab doctor) and some of his Blueberry Pancakes extract. I always value the time I get to spend with Anthony; he has taught me so much. Amber Joy (Sensi Magazine) had offered me a couch upon which to rest in between BoltBus trips, so I met up with her at the end of the event and we proceeded to the after-party at Oak Crush. Being a non-consumer of alcohol, I looked for other forms of entertainment at the downtown Seattle watering hole. First I found the DabStar trailer where I took a couple of dab hits, then joined a smoking circle where I had the privilege to puff-puff-pass a Leira Cigar. Wow! This was fantastic! I also met Joe “Doc” of DocAndYeti, the farmers whose Indica flower (Brandywine) and Sativa flower (Red Headed Stranger) each won their category of Best (Indica/Sativa) Dominant Flower at the event.

Dope Cup Washington 2017
Dope Cup Washington 2017

Monday 1.1 miles. By the time I arrived in downtown Portland I was still too tired to attend the Oregon Cannabis Association’s Toke Talks event at the Aladdin Theatre. Luckily for me, Flo was able to meet me at the bus stop and drive me home.

Tuesday, 0.2 miles. Another day at home; at least I still have all those samples to judge for the Cultivation Classic. Today I shall see what sample #7246 offers to me. Oh, seems I have found another Indica dominant. Good for me. Let’s relax. Oooooooooommmmmmmmmmm.

Wednesday, 2.5 miles. I need to take another wander, and one of my favorite dispensaries, Serra (the downtown location) is having an open house so I think I will wander that way. Fortunately for me, today’s sample, #7729, displays sativa-like qualities. Unfortunately for me, the Cognito flower vape pen that I am testing is not providing very much vapor. After attending the open house I wandered to the NW Cannabis Club to see if anyone there has experience with this sort of vape pen and can offer any advice. Here I met Zack and fell in lust with his concentrate vape pen, although I was too buzzed to make note of the manufacturer of the pen. I’m sure I will talk with Zack again.

Thursday, 1.1 miles. This is Dining Out for Life day. Flo and I took the MAX into Portland and shared a meal with Sara, our dearest of friends from our time living in downtown. Sara owns Turning Earth Farms (not a Cannabis Farm!) and is just one of the best folks we know.

Friday, 0.1 miles. Between my foot and the weather, this is another good day to stay home. One of the things Flo and I did was to clip some leaves on my 8 plants, rub each on their own sample card, and send it all off to discover the gender of each plant. As an OMMP patient I can legally grow 6 Cannabis plants on my property in Oregon.

Saturday, 6.3 miles. The Daily Leaf informed me that I might be able to find a disposable vape pen at one of the downtown dispensaries for $5, so foot issues or not I am heading out. After purchasing a REL vape pen of Dogwalker OG at Thurman Street Collective I walked north and visited Slabtown (on Nicolai) where I was able to purchase 1/8th of an ounce of Golden Ticket flower for $18, then east to one of my favorite dispensaries, Vessel (on Vaughn). Sara has many extremely frosted flowers on hand, including Mango Kush, Sherbet (man I love the look of this one so much!), and 9lb Hammer. I visited Frankie and we shared stories and cannabis. It is nice to have someone with whom to share cannabis and cannabis stories.

Cannabis Season – Week 4

This week includes The Weed Blog’s Oregon Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event, helping my good friend, Rosie McGee, at her book signing, and the beginning of this year’s Dispensary Tour. Here is how I walked 18.7 miles from Sunday April 30 through Saturday, May 6.

Sunday, 0.3 miles. Between my foot pain and the cold spring rain, this is not a great day to go out and about. I stayed around the house and vaped another sample from the Cultivation Classic judge’s kit. Spending days at home with Flo is a wonderful use of my time.

Monday, 0.3 miles. Another day at home for me. Today I spent some time with the Cognito flower vaporizer pen. I vaporized some of the Blueberry Cookies flower that I was gifted when I was given the pipe. I also tried out some of the Oregon Diesel that I was gifted from my great friend Sara.

Tuesday, 0.6 miles. Third day in a row at home. Still testing the Cognito vape pen, today with some of the Golden Ticket (not impressed) and Jack Frost (nice) that I had picked up last week. I also cleaned up the house a bit, especially my vape/smoke area in the garage. Here in Oregon, the only legal place to smoke is on private property while out of sight of the general population. For me, that place is my garage since I do not want the living area of our home to smell of cannabis.

Wednesday, 8.3 miles. Today is the Weed Blog’s Oregon Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event at the Lagunitas Community Room, so today I head out. Since the event isn’t until 6pm, I decided to visit Frankie first. We tried out the draw on the new Veritas oil cartridge I picked up on 4/20 (wonderful!) and shared some of Pacheco’s Keen joint (very good) that was included with the judge’s kit. I wandered down Albina until it turned into Mississippi Ave, then continued south. The sights and aromas along Mississippi are absolutely wonderful! If you find yourself in this area of Portland spend some time at Nectar Dispensary; they usually have some very nice selections. The Weed Blog Mixer was another stellar event with many folks from the industry gathered to support a worthwhile cause; in this edition that is the Cascade AIDS Project. I met some wonderful folks for the first time, as well as renewing existing acquaintances.

cannabis networking event
The Weed Blog Oregon Cannabis Industry Mixer and Networking Event was also a fundraiser for The Cascades AIDS Project (CAP). Here, the CAP Development Director speaks to the crowd at the event.

Thursday, 1.5 miles. Today I have to visit my cardiologist, a necessary evil since they discovered my need for a double bypass and aorta reconstructive surgery. To make up for that, I have the privilege of spending time with one of my great friends, Rosie McGee, whom I met last decade when we were all working at the Grand Canyon National Park. Rosie has published the book “Dancing with the Dead”, chronicling her life with the Grateful Dead between 1963 and 1973, and makes presentations based upon the book and her photos. This year she has modified her presentation to focus on “the summer of love” which occurred 50 years ago this summer. It is always my pleasure to join her at any and all of her events.

Friday, 1.4 miles. Another day working around the house. I make our usual monthly visit to Target and Costco, then spend the day using the Evolution VII vaporizer to enjoy some Sour Apple + Corazon (mixed in the grinder) and Grand Poohbah + Corazon (again, mixed in the grinder). I am trying to find a good remedy for my foot pain, and these work really well! Thank you so much Yerba Buena.

Saturday, 6.3 miles. Today I begin my Summer Dispensary Tour. Last year, in my attempt to recover from right-foot surgery, I decided to use public transportation and my feet to wander to all of the dispensaries in the greater Portland area. For the purposes of my tour, I consider any dispensary in Washington, Multnomah, or Clackamas counties to which I can plan a trip using TriMet. For this year’s journey I am starting as far west as possible, beginning with Phresh Cannabis in Forest Grove.

Phresh Cannabis – This is the first dispensary in which I have found Pot Shot, a decarboxylated product containing THC or CBD that can be used to make any food medicated. They have decent pricing on flower.

Shango @ Forest Grove – I have to leave my backpack in the waiting room, which is first dispensary in which I have been asked to do that. They have a small number of flower strains, none of which peeked my interest. They do have many extract and oil choices. I choose a 1 gram pre-roll of Sticky B which costs me $8 (medical pricing). Let’s see how it does for me.

Mahalo “Keep it Local” – a nice local shop with some fantastic looking flower. Steve is very patient with me, taking the time to show me the selections. I was impressed with presentation of Dutch Treat from Rogue River Botanicals and Purple Hindu Kush from Tomato Hill Company. Unfortunately for me, they have sold out of all of their joints. Good for their customers!

Shango @ Hillsboro – this is normally a very busy dispensary along TV Highway. Last year it was one of my favorite dispensaries in Washington County. This year, however, I have visited it three times and each time have left more underwhelmed.

Stay tuned for Week 5!



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