May 23, 2017

RedHat Ralph’s Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary Picks in Portland, Oregon

May 23, 2017
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I have been writing for The Weed Blog for several months now, but many of you might not know that the whole reason my path ever crossed with the site’s owners was because of a by-chance meeting at an event at Serra Cannabis on SE Belmont. Leah was so intrigued with my story about how I walked or took public transportation to all 181 of Portland’s dispensaries that she wrote an article about it. Since then, I have continued to tromp around the City of Portland and attend as many cannabis related events as I can and visit as many dispensaries/cannabis retail shops as I can.  I have just started my dispensary tour for this summer, and you can read the beginning of it here.  Retired life in this place is wonderful!

I often get asked questions about different dispensaries, but the the question I am asked most often by far is:

What dispensary in the Portland area do you recommend?

Here is my answer- RedHat Ralph’s Top 10 Marijuana Dispensary Picks in Portland:

  1. If you live in Portland, get to know the selections and budtenders in your local neighborhood dispensary.  Most of the dispensaries in our area are small businesses which cater to the neighborhood, and they do a really good job at that.  It is so important to support all of your local businesses, including dispensaries/cannabis retail shops!
  2. If you don’t live in Portland but find yourself in our area, here are some of the dispensaries (in alphabetical order) you might want to visit:
    1. Cannabliss & Co. – Firestation 23 (on SE 7th Ave) – Great building!
    2. Electric Lettuce (on SW Marlow) – I love the vibe, and the selections.
    3. Farma (on SE Hawthorne) – the most science and very high quality selections
    4. Green Goddess Remedies (on SW Taylors Ferry Rd) – great budtenders and selections
    5. MindRite (on NW Marshall) – always very knowledgeable and great selections
    6. Natural Wonders (on SE Cesar E Chavez) – always some great selections
    7. Oregon’s Finest (on NE MLK) – the quintessential retail outlet
    8. Serra (downtown on 1st) – bring your artistic heads; great views and selections
    9. Stone Age Farmacy (on SW Canyon Dr) – always great budtenders and great selections
    10. Vessel (on NW Vaughn) – My absolute favorite; some of the best flower I have ever seen!

The cannabis I consume is an intrastate commerce, meaning that it all happens within the state.  Every bud is grown in Oregon soil, processed in Oregon, and sold to consumers without ever leaving the state.  To this end, any purchase of cannabis or cannabis infused products from a dispensary within the state culminates a process which has taken place entirely intrastate.  Our purchases keep commerce and financing all within Oregon.  These purchases support Oregon folks who plan the grow operations, till the land, care for the crops, supply the business knowledge and daily rituals, process the crop into extracts and edibles, and perform countless other services for our benefit.  Spending our money at Oregon dispensaries supports Oregonians.  As long as the federal government continues to support the federal prohibition on our bud, we exist in this wonder-world of extremely high quality product being cultivated (in the social sense, as well as the horticultural sense) by some of the most socially conscience folks in the world.  

Enjoy visiting these dispensaries, first as a local and then with your out-of-town guests!  Maybe I will see you there! :)  As a matter of fact, if you see a big old guy wearing a red hat with a “Get Baked” pin on it, say hi!  Or, say high! :)


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