Rob Kampia to Step Down from MPP: Did the Breast Massage Happen?

Rob Kampia who said that, "the breast massage will happen", has stepped down from MPP. Is this to avoid a PR nightmare?
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Rob Kampia Leaves a Questionable Legacy Behind

I've been working in marijuana policy reform since about 2003. In that time I've seen a lot of crazy things happen. But, one of the most astounding things to me is how Rob Kampia managed to stay on as the Executive Director at MPP for so long. Especially since it is well known that many women in the movement have accused him of sexual harassment.

MPP's press release about Rob Kampia stepping down.
I've witnessed this firsthand. In 2013 Rob Kampia invited me and my partner to an industry party in Seattle. At the time I was pushing for a 2014 legalization campaign in Oregon and was trying to procure MPP's funding. But, Rob didn't want to have anything to do with that. A 2014 campaign wasn't in the plans for MPP, so he was desperately trying to persuade me to wait until 2016.

That evening he went to dinner with us after an ArcView meeting. After dinner he asked us to go to an industry party. He paid for the cab and once we arrived we stayed for a while.

When I informed him that we were going to leave, he insisted that he get us a car and leave with us- we obliged. I had heard about many sexual harassment claims against him, but since MPP never did anything about those claims, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. As we went to get into the cab Rob entered first, then I decided to enter and my partner was the last one to get in. As the cab started to leave Rob Kampia made a sexual comment insinuating that I should have let my partner in first so that she could be in the middle, because that's where ladies like to be in a threesome. It was extremely unprofessional, awkward and unnerving. Needless to say, we were both happy she didn't have to sit next to him.

It was that moment that I realized all of the stories that I had heard about him were most likely true.

Prior to all of these experiences, and in the beginning of my foray into the cannabis activist realm, I had been told to stay away from Rob Kampia. The story that everyone cited the most was one where he was accused of saying:
"The breast massage will happen"

I'll let you read the story yourself, but basically it seems that Rob Kampia was more successful than Harvey Weinstein at getting away with sexual harassment since he never has had to own up to these claims.

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