July 26, 2017

Smoke-Free Alternatives: A Breakdown of the Latest 2017 Cannabis Trends

July 26, 2017
2017 Cannabis Trends

Gone are the days when the benefits of cannabis could only be obtained through smoking flower. Today scientists have devised a myriad of ways to enjoy the medicinal value of cannabis, including nasal, sublingual and topical delivery methods.

These novel marijuana delivery technologies are growing in popularity as new demographics of consumers jump on board, increasing demand for healthier alternatives to smoking, vaping and edibles.

Many cannabis companies are taking note of this new industry phenomenon; Apothecanna now offers topical oils and lotions; and Mary’s Medicinals has marijuana products like patches and pens.

What are some smoke-less cannabis products?

Canna-lotions and balms mix cannabis oil with other ingredients intended to be absorbed through the skin. Unlike other methods, like toking, this type of product doesn’t not produce a “high” feeling. It really targets sore muscles while leaving the head clear, not foggy.

Skin patches, also known as transdermal patches, are another excellent option if you can’t or don’t want to inhale your cannabinoids. With patches, just apply the product to your inner wrist or on top of your foot.

Sublingual sprays and tinctures, typically come in a small bottle and can be squirted or sprayed under the tongue to absorb directly into the bloodstream using ingredients like coconut oil to carry the plant’s compounds into one’s system.

Some of the benefits for sprays and tinctures:

  • mild taste
  • easy-to-control dosage
  • odorless
  • discreet

As research and funding for cannabis research becomes more easily available in America, consumers can expect more biotech professionals moving into the cannabis business. Rooted in biotech, this next wave of cannabis products use scientific approaches to get the dosing just right.

For example, Next Frontier Biosciences is launching a cannabis nasal mist and sublingual spray. The Colorado-based biotech companies CEO is a former SVP at the biotech giant Allos Therapeutics. Similarly, California-based Kalytera Therapeutics is doing cutting-edge research on cannabinoids and bone regeneration. The Cali company is led by medical research leaders such as Robert Farrell, formerly of the Institute for OneWorld Health and Titan Pharmaceuticals. Even more impressive is their Scientific Advisory Board leader, the “father of cannabis”, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.


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