October 19, 2020

The 50 Best Products That Contain Cannabis: 2019 Highlights

October 19, 2020
Learn what stoners chose as the top marijuana and CBD products of 2019.

Cannabis is a many splendored thing. Whether as a cream for injuries or a tasty snack, it has numerous different applications that stretch as far as the imagination can reach. The market has heard the demand for more cannabis-based goodness and has responded with a roar, absolutely flooding consumers with a plethora of weed related products. But, which are the best? Rather, which are the BEST of the best? Find below our expertly curated list of guaranteed pot-based fun times that’ll blow your mind!

1.  WYLD CBD Sparkling water

Infused with CBD, this delicious beverage comes in a bountiful bevy of different flavors, including raspberry, blackberry, blood orange…and all infused with hemp extract. Refreshing!

2.  Sephora KUSH High Volume Mascara

How have you been living your life without decorating yourself with weed? If the “plant based oil” isn’t enough to thrill you, the heart shaped fibers are perfect to get the fullness you need.

3.  Kiva Chocolates

Cold Water Hash plus chocolate equals endless yum that makes you crave more. That….might be a bit of an issue, actually. Better make sure you buy bunches, which they fortunately provide in a multitude of different flavors, including Blackberry Dark, Churro, Mint Chip and many more. 

4.  TribeTokes Phoenix Quartz Crystal Pipe

Look, it’s 2020. You don’t need to go with paper anymore. Look at this pipe. Just look at it! Elegant, shimmering, splendid. You won’t be the only one looking when you toke from this baby either, and that’s a promise.

5.  The Centurion Pro mini trimmer

When you absolutely, positively need to shred those stems at a price most reasonable, look no further than the Centurion Pro mini trimmer. Take care of your weed trimmer, and it will take care of you!

6.  PūrSlēp Full Spectrum Blueberry

These all-natural CBD infused blueberry cubes are exactly what you need for a restful sleep. They take 45 minutes or so to kick in, but once they do, they should give you a whole night’s worth of peaceful CBDreaming.

7.  Sour Tsunami Flower

A favorite of the editors, it’s a CBD flower with a slightly fruity, sour kick that might be the new hit your group has been looking for. Brought to you from the folks at USAHemp and grown in Oregon, give it a try at 7g from $15 and you won’t regret it!

8.  REFRESH CBD Bath Bombs

Besides being bath bombs these are also the bomb of the colloquial variety, suffusing your entire being with a fruity bouquet that’ll relax your mind and soothe your spirit. One is never enough, so be sure to pick up a second to enjoy again and again.

9.  Pure CBD oil w/Terpenes, by Simply Crafted

Lacking THC, it won’t get you high, but it will give you that almost instantaneous soothing sensation that comes with top-notch CBD oils. You’ll find it available in multiple fruit flavors, for the connoisseur.

10. Penguin CBD Gummies, Sour Worms version

Trust us, you want the worm. There’s something just so satisfying about gulping one of these bad boys down. Like all gummies, though, be mindful that they take time to kick in, so slurp in moderation until you start to feel the relaxing effects kick in. There’s no THC, mind, so no weed high. Just soothing calm and delicious gummy worms with medicinal properties.

11. Sunday Scaries

If you’re not just looking for calm but, rather, for something to combat depression, go all in for Sunday Scaries. They’re fortified with vitamin D, which can help fight depression, and one or two at a time should get you through those tough times. 

12. Wana’s Salted Caramel Hybrids

These are the real deal, and unlike many of the previous products, they have THC. The sweet vanilla flavor, the delectable salty mix with the caramel flavor, and when the high catches up to you….magnificent.

13. LevelExperience’s THCA Protab

THCA is not an intoxicant unless heated, but these tablets will help alleviate pain and get you to sleep. Their gentle manner makes them worth their weight in gold. In general, LevelExperience takes a Serious Business route with their weed products, and that makes them a good choice for when you have medicinal needs.

14. Organijuana

So named by its Arizona-based creators, Nature’s Medicines, Organijuana flowers are made with nothing but pure sunshiney goodness and are—you guessed it—organically grown. Can you feel the difference reverberating through your body?

15. Relief by Dosist

This vape pen will give you the pain relief you need to assuage those daily aches. It’s got a 2-1 THC to CBD formula, so you know the pain management has solid medicinal value without getting you too dazed. 

16. Siskiyou Sungrown Tinctures

For pain management and alleviation, you want to give these Oregon-born tinctures a try. They’re derived from a traditional healing method that has existed since the dawn of time, mixing cannabis with an alcohol solution to act as an efficiency delivery mechanism toward the point of injury.

17. The Goodship Company’s toffee tokens

Toot toot! All aboard the Goodship Company! Their toffee crunch chocolate tokens are more than delicious, they bring on that self- sustaining burst of munchies that doesn’t stop until the whole package is gone. But, trust us, you’ll regret nothing!

18. Sensibox monthly subscription

You need pipes, and that means you need Sensibox. Each month, find yourself with a mysterious box of Cannabis delights from this woman-owned company, including pipes that are positively works of art.

19. Marley Gold Sativa

It feels wrong not to mention the weed produced with the blessing of Bob Marley’s estate, so here it is: this strain promises a more “cerebral” high. It’s not clear what that means to us mere mortals, but it’s good stuff to be sure.

20. The Autoflower Mixpack from I Love Growing Marijuana

The company’s name is refreshingly direct, and the three strains you get from this mixpack form a triple threat that’ll cover all the bases: Perfect for growers looking to grow in OR outdoors, these hardy strains should be more than enough to get you going.

21. The Slashlogix Highland 3.0 bag

With a three-digit combo lock for maximum security, these innocuous yet stylish bags are perfect for toting the weed you need. Priced modestly at $45, you’ll see these bags have instant utility for the connoisseur on the go.

22. Malibu OG Vape Pen

Clocking in at a whopping 86.7% THC content, the Malibu OG Vape Pen is apotheosis in disposal vape pen form. When you need that weed hit now and you need it in extraordinary style and fidelity, go with the OG.

23. Old Pal Purple Punch Cartridge

This vape will get you mosey’n and no mistake. OLD PAL describes it as a “mellow, balanced high” but the word they’re actually looking for is perfect.

24. Cann’s Cannabis Quencher: CBD Mango 1:1

Mango goes well with everything and, as it turns out, this juicy and medicinal beverage has just enough THC to relax you, great for banging out that season of Brooklyn 99 you’ve been waiting on.

25. Korova Black Bar

Oh yes, you want the Black Bar. It’s Korova’s most potent brownie, and it does not disappoint. The cow on the logo has opened its third eye, and so will you after you chow down on this edible. Make sure you’re somewhere you can relax!

26. Smokiez CBD Gummies

You want the watermelon flavor. The key to a good gummy is for it to be independently delicious while you’re waiting on effects, and these juicy gummies are exactly what you’re looking for!

27. Cannabis Care’s Weed Spray

This is, astonishingly enough, a breath spray. Yes, it contains THC, and yes, it gets lifted, very quickly. When you absolutely need to get a buzz on ASAP, check out Weed Spray!

28. High Cookery

This fantastic cookbook contains dozens of different recipes to make use of your love of weed. From entrees to desserts to the tiniest of noshes, High Cookery has got what budding cannabis chefs need.

29. The Lawrence Taylor Pain Master CBD Cream

For football fans and weed fiends with persistent aches, you can’t go far wrong with the LTPMCBD Cream. Let the silhouette of LT inspire you to rise beyond your daily pains and bring the wrecking crew home.

30. Willie’s Reserve High Five pack

Each pack contains five pre-rolled joints, curated by Willie Nelson, the Master of Weed himself. Are you seriously going to question Willie’s bona fides in this area? Statistically speaking, he’s been tokin’ since before you were born!

31. Cannabis Basics Lip Balm

Look, your lips need a solid balmin’. And while you’re at it, why not partake in some carefully extracted cannabinoid goodness? It’s like kissing, but for weed!

32. Kiva Midnight Blueberry Camino Gummie

Chamomile and lavender work together with moderate THC content to take you down the road (“camino”) to a restful slumber. It’s no coincidence that it works with the same ingredients you’ll find in the most soothing of nighttime teas.

33. Stiiizy Lit Flowe

Well, it’s some of the best commercial weed you’ll find, no doubt. We recommend the banana split and the Stiiizy cookies flavors, but the whole list will make you fly.

34. The Chocolate Kit, from Marijuanagroup.ca

8 delectable, low sugar, gluten free chocolates are perfect for those with discriminating tastes. Being a chocolate fiend doesn’t hurt either.

35. Raw Garden Live Resin

This is the real stuff. Cannabis in its purest concentrated form, with no additive or preservatives of any kind, and no artificial flavors has never packed a punch like this. 

36. PURE brand disposables

Cannabis oil terpenes available in both Indica and Sativa variants. We personally recommend the Gelato and the Lemon Haze, but really you can’t go far wrong with any that are offered by PURE.

37. Vanilla Frosting Sugar by Trichome

Described as being an “indica-dominant hybrid cross between Humboldt Frost OG X Humboldt Gelato Bx3,” this frosting is perfect for people who want to use their grass as a classy cake topping. Or right out of the container, you rogue!

38. Melonwreck Cannabis Infused Gummies Tin by Moxie

Like keeping a delectable, sweet-syrupy pot watermelon with you right in your pocket.

39.  Peace Mountain’s Cinnabong

Okay, check it: A Cinnamon roll, but weedy. It’s not clear to me why you would need anything else to sell you on this edible…..or ever eating anything else with your morning coffee ever again.

40.  Oh Hi Ginger Basil Limeade

Do you get it? It’s not merely a greeting, it’s a subtle expression of this refreshing drink’s cannabis content! You know, a play on words kinda thing.

41.  Phyx

What if you want the benefits of cannabis without the taste? Phyx’s got you, fam. This sparkling beverage has no cannabis taste or, for that matter, calories at all.

42.  Atlas Ember Granola Clusters

Listen: These granola clusters….they’re not cheap. But, if you’re looking for a trail-mixxy kinda good time, you aren’t going to be able to do better than Atlas’s lil’ devils. You need to savor them, take your time and enjoy!

43.  Candescent Gift Box

For those who appreciate premium bud, these expensive but oh-so-worth-it samplers give you a bunch of different flowers to choose from, each with its own subtle flavor niche. Give it to someone you love….or someone you want to impress.

44.  CBD Pillow

Okay, bear with me.The fabrics of this sleep aid are infused with weed. Is this worth it? Does it promote restful sleep? It is and does. And you get to tell people about your pot pillow. 

45.  Ganjaland the Board Game

This one’s a novelty gift for the stoner who thinks they have everything. It also makes for a fun time when you’re totally baked, which is the whole point, yeah?

46.  Kush Nuts

You’ll go absolutely……crazy……for Kush Nuts! A wonderful way to get some protein along with your cannabis butter fix, just make sure you don’t absentmindedly toss too many of them into your gob at once!

47.  Tonic by PTS

The max legal amount of Cannabis that’ll get you real high, real fast. Unless you’ve built up a fair tolerance, in which case you’re looking at Cannabis drinks more for the flavor….which this also has!

48. Platinum Edibles

 Platinum means quality. These Cali born edibles are some of the best around, and we recommend the Mango Peach Gummies. Mango, my friend. Guaranteed to make any high better.

49. La Familia Hot Chocolate Bar

One of the only Mexican-run companies on this list, La Familia’s Chocolate is rich and dark, and with a distinctive Cali flavor. They make pot infused Horchata, too, which is to die for!

50. Herve’ Edibles

Absolutely gorgeous to behold, these French-style edibles are every bit as much a work of art as they are a work of eat. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t consume them immediately, because you absolutely should. But gawk in wonderment for a brief moment first.

As pot products proliferate, they multiply in multitudinous glory such that seemingly endless oils, creams, gummies, cookies, brownies, cocktails, and a million other many splendid weeds spring forth from your screen and into your growling tummy. These are just a few (albeit great) choices, but once you’ve enjoyed them be sure to go adventuring on your own into the wild world of cannabis-infused glory. We promise: every horizon will bring new wonders, and every step will take you higher!


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