The 9 Best Mother’s Day Gifts for the Stoner Mama in 2018

We scoured the cannabis retail market for the best Mother’s Day gifts and found the 9 best options for the stoner mama.

First off, can I just say that I have all the respect in the world for those mothers out there who are responsible cannabis consumers?! Every time a mom chooses to use cannabis, whether it is for medical purposes or not, she is taking a risk If that mother is in a prohibition state, she is risking her freedom, and even if she is in a legalized state, she is still risking her reputation. Despite all the research out there about the medicinal benefits of cannabis and how it’s long and short term effects are far less damaging to the human body that those of alcohol (have you seen how many “mommy needs her wine” types of blogs are out there?), we are still fighting the stigma that surrounds this plant because of the decades of propaganda and conjecture fed to us by our federal government. At any rate, stoner mamas are increasing in numbers for all the right reasons, and I wholeheartedly believe that this demographic will be a key player in what ends cannabis prohibition ultimately.

So, let’s appreciate and honor our stoner mamas this Mother’s Day with the best cannabis-curated gifts out there! There are so many it was hard to nail down a list! With Mother’s Day only 10 days away, I wanted to make sure these would be able to be ordered and sent on time, and that they would fit every stoner mama out there...whether she is your mom, grandma, sister, cousin, or just dear friend, you can find a good fit for her here!

1)The LBD from Vaprwear

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How about a little black dress to help lift that stigma? Most women have a LBD, but not one that vapes! Made from 100% cotton, with subtle front pockets to house the the Drawstring™ when not in use. Vaprwear’s patented Drawstring™ vapor delivery system is compatible with virtually every vape cartridge. This discreet and easy-access vapor delivery system is integrated directly into the hoodie. Its stealth integration keeps the mouthpiece within reach, and the vape pen hidden and protected to prevent damage or loss. Easily removable for machine washing. Vape pen and cartridge not included.

2)The VapeSocket

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As long as we are talking about vapes (after all, women of childbearing age are the fastest growing group of vape pen users), let’s look at this little gadget. The VapeSocket is a small keyring attachment that allows you carry your USB charger or a cartridge on your keychain, so you’ll never be without your stash again. It doesn’t get any simpler that this! Cartridges sold separately at a licensed retailer.

3)Subscription to The Lucky Box Club

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Think inside the box this Mother’s Day with Lucky Box Club! This is a NorCal-based cannabis subscription service that is packed with cannabis-centric products. Mom can expect to find everything from topicals that relax to smokes that uplift. Lucky Box’s exclusive Wellness Box is a great fit for Mother’s Day with its top shelf cannabis wellness brands that focus on pain and stress relief. In addition to tinctures and capsules, the mom-friendly box includes edibles and topical products that are good for targeting muscle pain- perfect after a long day of keeping up with temperamental toddlers or teenagers.

4)The Chelsea bag by Annabis

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If you have seen my gifting articles in the past, you know I am a big fan of Annabis purses. There is just nothing quite like these on the market currently, and the product offers mothers a discrete and beautiful way to carry their cannabis and cannabis accessories without having to worry about the odor when you walk into a soccer practice or PTA meeting. AnnaBis’ Aroma-Bloc Technology consists of thin layers of resin film that’s typically used in the medical, food and electronics industries. Construction is durable, flexible, lightweight and heat resistant. Encased in this film, we then seal our accessories with airtight zippers and special nips and tucks to keep the scent inside where it belongs. The Chelsea is one of their larger bags and has plenty of room for all the things mom needs as well as that bag of snacks or toy car you are toting around for your children.

5)The ABCs of CBD by Shira Adler

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Is your stoner mama still in the canna-curious phase? Shira's book is “edutainment” at its best on this topic, as she covers the full spectrum of all things CBD, cannabis, hemp, and more. The ABC’s of CBD looks at everything from ancient history to pop culture, trends in industry/commerce, the endocannabinoid system, social justice, what science is proving, and why politicians posture. There is even a section for parents who want to know how to talk to their kids about CBD. This book is a practical, educational, and comprehensive guide — alternatively humorous and hard hitting when it needs to be, answering all the things you’ve ever wanted to know about cannabinoids, but were afraid to ask.

6)The El Primo Box from The Daily High Club

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This monthly smoking accessories subscription box is filled with supplies like brand new glass on the regular, $80 worth of accessories, and exclusive products from their monthly collaborations. You can order these per month or order a subscription, and there are add-on options each time. Great gift for your stoner mama for the month of May or for the whole year.

7)The 22k Gold GeoPipe by Stonedware

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Why not have your smoke accessory also be a piece of unique artwork? Any stoner mama will appreciate this company. This 22k gold edged geopipe provides a smoking experience that not only feels great in your hand but also looks chic in your home. A combination of high-end modern design and detailed craftsmanship make each geopipe one of a kind, and this one is SO perfect for this occasion of celebrating Mothers with the gold flair. Available in 3 sizes, each geopipe has a combination of glazed and unglazed faceted sides. Interiors and bowls are glazed for easy cleaning. Who says glamour and cannabis can’t go hand in hand?

8)The CBD-only Weekend Box

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Many of us know that dozens of studies have found evidence that CBD can treat epilepsy, act as a therapy for schizophrenia, and alleviate joint pain, and that it is an appealing option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and other conditions without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria. The CBD-only Weekend Box is a collaboration of several top brands in the market, including both topicals and edibles, and offers a monthly subscription box that brings them straight to mom’s front door.

9)Mother’s Day Gift Box by Empower

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Empower mom this Mother's Day! Empower Bodycare products are some of my absolute favorite topical products hands down, and their White Label line ships everywhere! Over the course of 10 years, the founder of this company developed Topical Relief Oil to help her mother stay off harmful pharmaceuticals in mitigating the debilitating symptoms of arthritis. The products are a synergistic blend of the highest quality essential oils and carrier oils infused with third-party lab tested, 2014 Farm Bill Compliant domestic hemp cultivated using organic practices. This seasonal gift box is filled with Empower® White Label products including a 15mL Pump Bottle of Topical Relief Oil, one 4oz Soaking Salt, and one Topical Relief Lotion Trial Size.