January 30, 2018

The Importance of Being Tested

January 30, 2018
Testing cannabis equips consumers with knowledge and keeps them safe from harmful substances and unwanted effects.

The cannabis industry is a booming business, and with its
legalization popping up on both coasts expect it to grow even larger in the
near future. While legalization and regulation continue, some people (in legal
states) still buy illegally, perhaps even preferring to do so. What exactly are
the benefits of buying cannabis illegally? That depends on who you ask.
Everyone has that friend who still grows in their extra bedroom, but the answer
is usually money. However, what you may save when purchasing illegally, you
will lose in assurance and efficacy.

Since you have made your way to this website
you must consider yourself a
connoisseur of cannabis, a discerning
cannabis enthusiast with style and taste. While some consumers buy their buds legally
because they find it is just easier and safer, even more of us do so for
health-related reasons. This stuff is medicine after all. Testing cannabis
equips consumers with knowledge and keeps them safe from harmful substances and
unwanted effects.

Having been in the cannabis industry for almost nine years
now I cannot even begin to count how many times I have been given a hard time
by people, telling me the products I sell cost too much. People have turned
their noses up at me because their buddy, who has been growing weed for the
last twenty years, grows the best chronic in town at a much cheaper price. It’s
important for us to make educated decisions about why we choose to buy lab
tested medical and retail marijuana. The feeling of confidence in what you
smoke should not be a matter of debate.

Legally grown products are more expensive than homegrown
ones, and whether they’re really worth the extra cost is certainly a matter of
choice. Marijuana that is healthy and safe is cool though. At a certain point
why would you want to churn out or ingest garbage marijuana when the good stuff
is available at a very reasonable price? Not to mention if you factor in the
costs you can accrue from possibly getting ill off your ganja. Marijuana that
has mold in it is not healthy to be inhaling or ingesting, regardless of cost.
Considering what is available on the black market, the choice should be easy.

In the absence of pesticides and fertilizers, cannabis
plants will boost the production of their phytochemicals that strengthen their
genetics and offer a tastier and more potent herb to puff. Even low levels of
pesticides can be toxic. Then consider the risk if you are dabbing concentrates
made from plants grown with pesticides, when you concentrate the plant you are
concentrating everything in that plant, not just the cannabinoids. Residual solvents
and processing agents create potentially dangerous safety issues. Testing is
important because these substances can make their way to consumers. Luckily you
do not have to be a savvy buyer if you are buying from a legal operation.
Whereas if you are buying illegally you have to be on the lookout for
spiderwebs, discoloration within the buds, or white mildew on the plant itself.

Quality control, convenience and everything you could ask
for are also offered in a dispensary. Not to mention that specialty items like
Keef Colas and Apothecanna lotions are not available from the illegal dealer. Consistency
is another perk that is available from dispensaries, and that leads to
comfortability as a consumer. Supporting legal operations and making the
statement with your wallet will act as a benefit in the years to come.

When searching for where to buy your buds, it is best to
seek out the places that provide patients with the highest quality cannabis
available. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to tell if your product is
covered in pesticides by just looking at it. Spotting powdery mildew and mold
is easy but when it comes to pesticide levels and heavy metals it is not as
easy. Cannabis hubs that offer reviews are always a good place to start because
they offer first-hand knowledge from the customers. Googling said dispensary is
also another way to find out what they have been up to over the years, newspapers
in Colorado love to put dispensaries on blast that have knowingly sold tainted
cannabis. Particularly ones like Rocky Mountain Remedies in Steamboat Springs,
Colorado who were caught selling cannabis full of prohibited pesticides.
Contacting local labs to see who they might recommend is another option.
Consistent and accurate testing is important for consumer safety. Knowing
what’s in your cannabis is just as necessary as knowing what’s in your

Basically guys, it all comes down to a few keys points. Smoke
legal bud because it is healthier, it is better, and it goes to the longevity
of the industry. And isn’t that what we all want? So, the next time your buddy
who grows in his basement asks if you’d like to buy an ounce of the OG for next
to nothing, ask him where he had it tested for heavy metals, molds, and
contaminants. Ask him if spider mites are a problem in his grows or what he
uses to get rid of powdery mildew. If they do not have an answer maybe find
your way to your nearest legal dispensary.


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