November 21, 2018

True Terpenes featured in candles by California’s Buz Meraki

November 21, 2018
California company launches new terpene infused candle line featuring True Terpenes

The power of terpenes is on full display in Buz Meraki’s cannabis inspired candles.

The Newport Beach, California based Buz Meraki is a relative newcomer to the cannabis industry. Today, it offers candles inspired by highly regarded strains that come in indica, sativa and hybrid varieties powered by terpenes. Buz Meraki partners with True Terpenes, an industry leading, award winning, botanical terpene company, to properly dose its candles with the most dominant compound in cannabis strains, myrcene. Additional terpenes found in select items include linalool, terpinolene and limonene. Each of the company’s candles contains pure essential oils, fragrances and organic terpenes, and does not use any cannabis-derived ingredients.

The Buz Meraki team endeavors to support education efforts across the industry; including donating a portion of every sale to cannabis research beginning in 2019. “We want to give back to a plant that has given so much to us,” explains CEO and Founder Jordan Seggman. He elaborated, “we feel there is a still a huge void when it comes to education and scientific studies.”

Visit to order cannabis-inspired candles featuring True Terpenes, as well as its items from its ACT 1 line, which donates 10% of all sales to The Honeybee Conservancy. For more information on True Terpenes products please visit or call 888-954-8550.


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