April 17, 2017

Two Flowers Dinner- A Celebration of Hops and Hemp

April 17, 2017
Two Flowers dinner

Two Flowers Dinner is a 4/20 event not to be missed…come enjoy this amazing dinner and collaborative event from leaders in the beer and cannabis industries in Oregon!

Coalition Brewing an is excited to announce a unique and exciting collaborative dinner project – “ Two Flowers Dinner ” A Celebration of Hops & Hemp with East Burn. Multiple courses with beer pairings that will showcase the beautiful close relationship and natural synergy of Hops and Hemp.

Coalition has been working with the team at East Burn, along with Bill Stewart (AKA Bill the Cannabis Science Guy) from Half Baked labs to create a carefully crafted menu where each pairing will have an infused element of hops and/or hemp including Two Flowers IPA and three specialty CBD brews from Coalition made specifically and can be only found at this event. There will also be a specialty serving presented by Indio Spirits with their Hopped Liqueur Hopka.

The evening will consist of presentations from Chef Brandon Smoak, Bill Stewart and Head Brewer Elan Walsky. Each attendee will have the opportunity to win an item from the exclusive new hemp clothing line from award winning local designer Jason Calderon of West Daily.

About Coalition Brewing Co:
Coalition Brewing is a 10-barrel brewery and tasting room in Southeast Portland. Born out of a serendipitous chance encounter between owners Kiley Hoyt and Elan Walsky. Both began as homebrewers and received formal brewing education through the Siebel Institute in Chicago. Coalition Brewing’s handcrafted ales reflect traditional brewing techniques and Northwest innovation. We strive to provide patrons with balanced, unique, and highly drinkable beers. For more information,


About East Burn: 

Chef Brandon Smoak elevates the public house dining experience with innovative brunch and dinner dishes that comfort and delight. General Manager Josh Roeder makes sure that guests experience the best of hospitality, while overseeing a lovingly curated draft list and cocktail menu. EastBurn boasts two floors of dining and entertainment with two full bars, 19 rotating taps, and a patio with swing chairs and fire tables. Weekends feature live music on the main floor along with rotating DJ’s in the downstairs Tap Room.From fantastic brunch and dinner, to drinks on the patio, to live music, to a game of skee-ball in the Tap Room…EastBurn has something for everyone!

About Half Baked Labs:

Half Baked Labs produces cannabis and CBD edibles and topicals for the Oregon market.  We provide cannabis personal chef and catering services, fun cannabis cooking classes, and produce custom edibles and topical for both medical and recreational customers.  We are working with Happy Kitchen to license some of our products and bring them to market.

Med Scientist Bill Stewart believes that cannabis edibles are food first, and that all our clients are patients.  He has been cooking & baking for fifty years, and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University.  He feels very lucky to have found a business where his areas of nerdyness connect.  Bill began creating edibles for a friend with ovarian cancer, and his daughter Camille (who has cerebral palsy) beginning cannabis treatment, so he “has a dog in this hunt”, as we say down South.  With his roots on the medical side, Bill is dismayed by new legislative rules that are creating difficulty for patients, and is an activist to fight these rules (some legislators might prefer the term “pain in the ass”).

About Indio Spirits:

Indio Spirits is a spirit’s distillery located in Portland, Oregon near Bridgeport Village. Our products are of superb quality and provide the best possible value to our customers at affordable pricing. In 2004 Indio Spirits was created through the foresight and vision of John Ufford, Chairman and CEO, Indio Spirits was incorporated in July of that year. Look out for delicious libations such as Snake River Stampede Canadian Whisky. James Oliver American Whiskey, Barrel Room Curacao, and Hopka Hop flavored liqueur Indio STARKA Vodka and Cricket Club Gin

About West Daily: 

West Daily is a garage band, only we make clothing instead of music. Designer Jason Calderon has dedicated himself to creating clothing with a focus on local production and sustainable practices. His line West Daily is a combination of various influences including functionality, cinema, uniforms, global dress, classic tailoring, and creative “freestyle “conceptualization.

two flowers dinner

Learn more about “ Two Flowers Dinner ”- A Celebration of Hops and Hemp and purchase tickets here

Where: East Burn – 1800 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214

When:  April 20th 2017

Time:  6 PM

*this is a 21 and up event

**there will be no THC products served at this event nor permitted to be consumed anywhere on the premises


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