May 30, 2017

Week 5 of Cannabis Season in Oregon

May 30, 2017
Week 5 of Cannabis Season in Oregon

Week 5 of cannabis season in Oregon includes the Cultivation Classic at Revolution Hall, its reception for the speakers the evening before the event, and the After Party the evening of the event.  I also continued with the Dispensary Tour, this week around the Beaverton area.  Here is how I walked 35.5 miles from Sunday May 7 through Saturday, May 13.

Sunday, 7.8 miles.

I begin by taking the Blue line MAX and then the bus to Westside Wellness on Shaw.  Shaw has no sidewalk, something that I recall from last year’s journey occurs with a few of the dispensaries I visit.  For those of us who use public transportation and our feet, this is something to note.  Here are the dispensaries:

Westside Wellness – They have quite a selection of flower, pre-rolls, extracts, and edibles.  Of note to me is a beautiful flower named Cascade from Moto Perpetuo.

La Mota – Leslie (budtender) took a lot of time with me, presenting many flowers for my view.  A couple of standouts include Obama Kush from Rosebud Farm (25.27% THC – 0.24% CBD) and Dog Shit X Cherry Pie from High Winds Farm (24.43% THC – 0.61% CBD)

Blooming Deals by Cannabis Nation – When you first enter the dispensary you can view and sniff the samples that are laid out on long tables while you wait your turn.  The idea is great but I couldn’t smell very much at all through the container’s sniff holes.  The budtenders were absolutely wonderful and offered all of the flower for my review.  Three of the interesting flowers are Cotton Candy Kush, Jazz, and Power Wreck.

Monday, 6.3 miles.  

Electric Lettuce – From the Sunset Transit Station it is a very short walk over US26 to this dispensary, or more properly “head shop”.  As I have mentioned, this is one of the shops I think is worth visiting, especially for “pot heads”.  They feature flower from two of my favorite farms, Yerba Buena and Prūf Cultivar.  Meesh (budtender) took her time to discuss many of the items available, including Leif Goods Mint Hibiscus Chocolate Bar (38.5mg THC – 40.4mg CBD) and “The Dabaratus”, a new packaging of extract distillate from O.penVAPE.  This is something I want to try in the near future.

Green Mart – Bree (budtender) spent a lot of time reviewing their selections with me.  I bought 1.25 grams of a frosty Sativa named Lemon Meringue from Avitas (24.46% THC – 2.32% CBD).  Grinding this flower with Yerba Buena’s Corazon (0.77% THC – 19.33%CBD) yields a mixture with 12.62% THC and 10.82% CBD; hopefully this mixture will help alleviate my right-foot pain.

Oregon Bud Company – I will be returning in a week or so to see their new deliveries; they were really low on stock although very helpful.

Kaleafa – They take plastic!  There is a small service charge for using a credit or debit card, but the fact that they take plastic is unusual, and fantastic!  They have an incredible number of strains available to peruse, including Lemon Meringue from Avitas, Pot of Gold from Cannabis Wholesale By Marico, Scooby Snacks from Kool Kush Farm, and Lime Warp from Kool Kush Farms.  I also noted that among their numerous concentrate selections are many under $30 a gram.

Tuesday, 7.7 miles.  

I took the day off from the Dispensary Tour to take advantage of the deal on REL vape cartridges.  From time to time REL releases 0.25g disposable CO2 oil cartridges for $5.  Today that release took me to Botanica on SE 12th Ave as well as Botanica on SE 60th Ave.  After spending a total of $10 to get 0.5g of oil, I decided to enjoy the sun by walking the East Esplanade along the Willamette River, crossing the river on the Steel Bridge, and wandering up Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

Wednesday, 0.1 miles

I stay around the house, work on computer stuff and spend time with Flo.  

Thursday, 8.4 miles

Today is the Cultivation Classic Welcome Reception and I shall be manning the check-in table.  From noon thirty until 3:30 I wander the Alphabet District, visiting MindRite Dispensary and pick up another $5 REL CO2 cartridge. From there I wander through downtown, visit Stumptown Coffee and Voodoo Doughnut on 3rd Ave, then along the Willamette River to the Pearl District and finally to Vessel Dispensary on Vaughn St.  I finally decide to buy two samples of their fantastically frosted flower (9 Pound Hammer and Qrazy Train).  The afternoon/evening at Breakside Brewery is absolutely wonderful!  So many quality folks making both social and business contacts to further enhance the experiences we, the consumers, will see in the new future.  I finally get to spend time talking and walking with Kevin Jodrey and Pedro from Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt County.

9 pound hammer bud
9 Pound Hammer
Qrazy Train Bud
Qrazy Train

Friday, 5.1 miles

Finally, it is Cultivation Classic!  Weeks of judging culminate in tonight’s award ceremony.  I am up at 5:30 to use public transportation and arrive at Revolution Hall before 8am.  Wow, Whitney (formerly with Stumptown Coffee) is now the barista at Martha’s; it is wonderful reconnecting with her!  I help set up the green room, accomplish odd tasks here and there, take a couple of walks around the neighborhood (Revolution Hall has a liquor license, so there can be no cannabis consumption anywhere on the property).  Steph handed me the speaker timetable (1pm to 6pm) and put me in charge of keeping it on time.  Unbeknownst to Steph, she just handed a precision timing job to Adrian Monk (Mister OCD).  Although the program began 7 minutes late, it ended on time and each speaker knew when they had to begin wrapping it up. (I’m a big guy in a red hat; it’s difficult to miss me if I want you to see me☺).  From Congressman Earl Blumenauer to Dr. Ethan Russo and Dr. Adie Poe, the speakers are all intelligent, articulate, committed, and engaging.  We all learned so much!  Just as importantly, at least to me, is visiting with some of my friends and colleagues in the cannabis community.  It is during these types of events that we have the opportunity to reconnect and recharge.

Saturday 0.1 miles

Today I feel my age, and my sore feet.  Flo and I have a whole day to spend with each other.  Man I love my wife!  And yes, I definitely love my life.


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