October 6, 2017

What makes detoxing from marijuana so difficult?

October 6, 2017
Detoxing from marijuana for a drug test can be difficult. Green Gone is one of the top products on the market that can help.

There are 3 major issues with most detox products attempting to remove cannabis from your system:

  1. High lipophilicity of metabolites – Simply put, THC is fat soluble and the metabolites tend to get stuck in fat cells as a result.
  2. High protein binding of metabolites in the blood stream to albumin – your body can only eliminate free unattached THC through the kidney and bowel.
  3. “Bottleneck” of metabolite formation in the liver. In order for your body to clear THC your liver has to turn it into a variety of more water soluble metabolites.

Depending on the level of usage and the person in question (age, gender, weight etc.) the half-life (time the drug stays in your body) varies greatly. A one-time user typically taking 3-5 days to test negative , infrequent use possibly taking a week to 10 days, and daily consumption can take several weeks to well over a month. There are also case reports of well over a month to 2 months in large (over 200 lbs) and heavy users (daily or multiple times daily).

What can you do?

Dilution – which has its limits. If you over dilute your urine the site won’t accept the sample, as it won’t meet urine creatinine and specific gravity requirements for validity.

Fiber – this helps to clear more drug through the bowel and helps bind some.

Still often times this will not be enough if it could take several weeks to test clean and you are fearful of a random, on probation, or about to take a pre-employment screen and can’t wait that long. You need a detox product that actually works and makes sense. No overly complex instructions, no gimmicks.

The perfect detox would:

  • Provide reliable results
  • Not have time sensitive directions
  • Be permanent
  • Not have complex instructions
  • Target THC from multiple fronts to eliminate it

Green Gone is a new product on the market that does just this! If you want a permanent cleanse in a pinch, you can’t beat it. You can learn more about it at greengonedetox.com

What makes it so good?

Green Gone is a capsule containing 5 key ingredients that will get the job done. A basic salt helps to increase urinary pH to help dissolve more THC into urine to excrete it. A fiber source helps bind THC in the gut to be excreted in feces. A natural non-steroidal anti-inflammatory helps detach THC from albumin in your blood. A liver inducer helps boost liver metabolism. Last, but not least, a diuretic helps to both dilute your urine, and increase urine volume for higher clearance.

Other benefits of picking Green Gone!

  1. Proven THC metabolism and elimination 215-330%+ increase
  2. Extremely affordable, especially after discount code and free shipping!
  3. Extremely safe, all natural vegan approved ingredients
  4. Made in the USA at a GMP approved, FDA inspected facility
  5. Simple kit instructions
  6. Excellent customer support
  7. Fast and free shipping options available including overnight!
  8. All backed by a money back guarantee!

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