April 29, 2019

Yocan Dab Pens: Best for Novices and Experts

April 29, 2019
Yocan Dab Pens_ For Novice and Experts
Learn about Yocan dab pens.

Dab pens have been one of the most popular forms of vaping devices we’ve seen this past decade. They’ve evolved from what once was a simple alternative to dab rigs to what is now a consumption platform on its own. They’ve reached a level of popularity and approval that they’ve become a mainstream mode of concentrate use.

Here’s a quick back story on dab pens.

Before dab pens became popular, cannabis concentrate consumers have always looked to dab rigs for the definitive vaping experience. Dab rigs were good but if you’re a noob, you needed help from an experienced enthusiast to help you with setting up a rig – as well as operating one. It was a rewarding contraption that required a little bit of skill and know how. Back then, there were no instructional videos or how-to articles to help novices get started. Dab rigs were often seen as a daunting task that often caused those wanting to partake to shy away from consuming concentrates. Dabbing with a rig required a few steps that involved the use of a blow torch to heat up the nails so the concentrates will melt to a certain degree that the active ingredients are extracted into the vapor. Furthermore, if you want to own a dab rig, you’d want to save just enough cash since some of the top-shelf rigs don’t come cheap. For the uninitiated, dabbing is simply just too much work… And then came dab pens.

Dab pens are small devices that mimic and replicate the functionalities of a dab rig – maybe not in terms of quantity or quality but it does the job. To say the least, the earlier versions of dab pens were not at par with what we have today. They were just alternatives that novices use to consume concentrates without having to set up a rig and without having to buy the whole kit. It’s like dipping your feet in the pond first before taking the plunge. It’s a cheap way of trying out if consuming cannabis concentrates works for you before you make that expensive mistake.

That was a decade ago. Fast forward to 2019, dab pens became more sophisticated. They still cost a fraction of the price of desktop rigs but they’ve grown better. They’re no longer just for beginners, they’re also used by experts and professionals who enjoy the simplicity and straightforwardness of using dab pens compared to a home rig. Today’s market offers a wide selection of dab rigs and one of the most popular brands out there is Yocan.

But what makes Yocan a better brand than the rest?

One is their manufacturing standard. Yocan may be based in China – and yes, we all know the stigma associated with products made from that part of the world, especially vaporizers, because, you always get what you pay for – but they have strict manufacturing discipline which manifests in the quality of their products. Yocan follows stern guidelines and apply ISO 9001 quality standards, their manufacturing processes are also built around IQC, IPQC, LQC and FQA procedures. To top that off, all Yocan products have CE, RoHS and FCC certification so you can be sure of the quality of their products. From raw material selection to the final inspection process before their products leave the warehouse for shipping, Yocan implements these principles that make their products superior than others.

Another, is their ingenuity in coming up with unique vaping products which have resulted in patented designs. That’s the reason why some of the features and components used in Yocan dab pens are something you simply won’t see on other devices in the same class. Furthermore, the ability to come up with a new methodology and approach for a means of concentrate consumption that’s been around for more than a decade isn’t exactly an easy feat. A lot of companies have already tried to innovate the platform but only Yocan proved, time and time again that they have what it takes to spearhead development and revolution in an overpopulated and a stereotypical industry.

Lastly, is Yocan’s ability to manufacture dab pens that make ends meet for individuals looking for a mixture of quality and affordability. Yocan believes in the idea that every individual should have an equal right to a healthy alternative to smoking and other traditional means of wax consumption that may prove hazardous to one’s health and profit. That’s why they use their leverage on the market to procure raw materials at a very competitive price to come up with affordable dab pens. Also, they make their dab pens as simple and as straightforward as possible so as not to overcrowd the dab pen with unnecessary features and make it easy on the users – because that’s what dab pens are supposed to be right?

These qualities make Yocan a great option for consumers who want to invest on a dab pen. Yocan has a wide collection of dab pens that are both practical and functional that even experts and advanced dap ben users are now switching to Yocan products. One primary reason is Yocan’s ability to make dabbing with a pen seriously easy that veterans have seen the potential of getting the same experience as dab pens twice or even thrice the price of Yocan devices. That’s right, they perform closely (or even better) than some of the dab pes on the market that are a little on the pricey side. Dab pens from Yocan seemingly cut the taxing process of getting set up as well as the meticulous task of finding the right temperature setting which is something you’d have the luxury of doing at home but is something a little too annoying when you’re vaping on-the-go. And speaking of on-the-go vaping, Yocan’s dab pens have focused and are built with the active and outgoing consumer in mind.

Here’s an example.

Yocan started manufacturing dab pens with integrated concentrate containers often outfitted at the bottom of the dab pen. Because Yocan knows how hard it is to reload your dab pen on the fly, they’ve come up with a solution for this common problem most dab pen users encounter. It’s a small built-in container with silicone layers inside so that the wax concentrates won’t end up sticking on the sides of the container. By performing effective market research, Yocan was able to listen to what dab pen users want and eventually give them what they need. Furthermore, Yocan allowed cross-platform capable products which allow consumers to easily switch atomizers for various kinds of materials (herb, oil, and wax). Still in line with Yocan’s ultimate goal of providing consumers with an inexpensive means of dabbing and vaporizing materials as an alternative to harmful, conventional methods. Dabing is so much fun with Yocan. If you’re in the market for a brand-new dab pen Yocan products are a good place to start since they’re easy to operate and require little to no learning curve. If you’re looking to add a new dab pen to your growing vape arsenal, rest assured that Yocan has some of the best products with features you never knew were possible in helping you achieve that higher state of mind. 


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