June 20, 2013

Alabama Safe Access Update: Working On 2014 Legislative Package And Strategy

June 20, 2013
Alabama Safe Access Project

Alabama Safe Access ProjectI just got back from a meeting with Representative Patricia Todd. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss strategy and the legislative package for the 2014 legislative session. We agreed that with the elections on the horizon, it is time to be more aggressive.

There are currently nine pieces of legislation dealing with marijuana and hemp that we will be pursuing in the 2014 legislative session.

  1. The Alabama Physician Protection Act (protect doctors from legal and professional penalty)
  2. The Alabama Affirmative Defense Act (makes medical necessity a defense in court)
  3. The Medical Marijuana Exemption Act (formerly HB-315, Medical exemption for personal use)
  4. The Alabama Medical Marijuana Safe Access Act (medical marijuana legalization)
  5. The Alabama Marijuana Decriminalization Act (up to 1 ounce is a citation with a $100 fine)
  6. The Alabama Industrial Hemp Act (allows farmers to grow industrial hemp)
  7. The Alabama Marijuana Freedom Act (recreational use and distribution)
  8. The Alabama Marijuana Protection Act (medical and recreational decriminalization)
  9. The Alabama Cannabis & Hemp Reform Act (formerly HB-550, medical, industrial and recreational legalization)

The general message of our legislation package, “We will not be ignored.”

As part of our strategy to support this legislation and prepare for the 2014 elections, we are going to be sending a survey to all members of the Alabama legislature asking questions that will mirror the public polling we are planning to commission. That way we will be able to directly repute their answers with data from the polling.

Currently, we have only raised about one-fifth of the money needed to pay for the polling. It is crucial that we raise the remaining $1600 ASAP. Even if you can only give $5, please do so.  Being able to show that Alabamians support this legislation will increase our chances of success many fold.

Together we can change marijuana policy in Alabama!

Stay tuned!


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