Boom Times For Marijuana Phone Apps

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Phone Apps For All Things Marijuana Will Continue To Grow In 2012

Looking for a medical marijuana dispensary in your area? There's an app for that. In the mood for some type of recipe that requires marijuana? There's an app for that too. In fact, there's an app for just about anything relating to marijuana. From marijuana growing tips to marijuana games for your iPhone or Android, marijuana apps for your phone are easy to get and often cost nothing to download.

Recently Americans for Safe Access launched a marijuana iPhone app that they touted as "a first-of-its-kind." Anyone who has downloaded marijuana apps on their iPhone previous to December 2011 realizes that their claim is not exactly true, but it doesn't matter who was first to launch a marijuana app. What matters is that marijuana apps are popping up left and right, and they are going to be a tremendous resource to the marijuana movement in years to come. Americans for Safe Access has the right idea of using a marijuana phone app to get the word out, raise awareness, and provide education.

Once upon a time, marijuana activists and enthusiasts had to go to the library, a head shop, or a lucky friend's house in order to read marijuana literature which usually consisted of High Times and Cannabis Culture magazines. Organizing pro-marijuana rallies and meetings was very difficult and involved lots of phone calls and face-to-face interactions. Things in the marijuana world changed with the internet and social media, and will continue to evolve with the proliferation of marijuana phone apps. Now I hear about rallies around the world daily.

If I have a question about a marijuana topic, I can do a Google search and become a psudo-expert within minutes. Having that ease of access to marijuana information and using technology as an organizing tool becomes even more powerful when it's in handheld form. For instance, I'm not allowed to look at the internet at my crappy office job, but I can always sneak a look at my cellphone which is saturated with marijuana apps.

The Weed Blog launched our free Android app in mid 2011. Ninjasmoker thinks it was "in May," but he smokes a lot of marijuana, so he said to not quote him on that...Either way, our app has done quite well in my opinion, with roughly 15,000 downloads and more going out everyday. We don't charge for our app, but marijuana apps can be big business too. For example, earlier this year General Cannabis Inc. purchased the Android app Weedlaws for an undisclosed amount. Other apps are making money by charging for each download. Either way, it doesn't cost much money to launch an Android app, and if you have the Ninjasmoker-esk skills to create marijuana apps, selling your marijuana app outright or charging for downloads can be quite profitable.

What marijuana phone apps do TWB readers recommend? Is there a marijuana phone app that doesn't exist that you wish did? Did you create one and you want a spot to put a shameless plug to gain more downloads? Because if so, the comments section below is for you! I look forward to what people post, as I am a total marijuana phone app junkie.