October 26, 2014

Buy Or Win An Arizona NORML T-Shirt And Help Fight Marijuana Prohibition

October 26, 2014
arizona norml

arizona normlI saw a fantastic fundraiser on social media and figured I’d pass along the info. If you are able, I highly encourage you to participate. More info is below:

NORML In Arizona is working very hard to get the message out that legalization is coming to Arizona. We need your help to spread that message. You can help us by killing 2 birds with 1 stone so to speak. When you buy 1 of our Limited Edition “Catch Up Arizona” T- Shirts, you help us raise funds towards our goal to help bring legalization to Arizona. At the same time, you get a kick-ass new shirt that has a message that is very subtle to the general population…without being too overt and in your face.

So join this growing movement, and help us move this project forward. Share the contest using any of the social buttons above or just buy the T-Shirt now. If you are a patient or enthusiast, you can’t afford NOT to help us with this effort. AZ needs to legalize, and we need you to help do it.

Click on this link to find out more!


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