List Of Marijuana Bills Currently Being Considered By Congress

Senators Renew Protections for Medical Marijuana

United States Congressman Earl Blumenauer has put together a matrix that shows all of the marijuana related bills in Congress from this session and last session. I will always remember in 2012 when I asked one of my legislative staffer friends what he thought about marijuana and politics. He was very quick to say 'that is political suicide.' Here were are three years later and there is legislation in Congress for all types of things that are marijuana related.

There are a lot of bills related to medical marijuana, and even some for recreational marijuana. There are bills for hemp, for states rights, and ones for the industry. All of them have traction in Congress. That's not to say that they are sure to pass, but it does mean that there are meaningful conversations going on in Congress, which is something that activists have worked for for a long time. Marijuana is a very popular political topic these days, which is long overdue.

Below is the matrix that was provided by Earl Blumenauer's office. Contact your Representatives and Senators and urge them to support these pieces of legislation: