There's Still Time To Help Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol In Colorado

marijuana prohibition

With Your Help Colorado Amendment 64 Will Win Tomorrow

Betty Aldworth, Advocacy Director, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

Tomorrow, we have the opportunity to end marijuana prohibition in Colorado. Here are three things you can do right now to help us make history:

  1. Call voters from the comfort of your home. Polls are showing that among people who've already voted, it's 50-50. We must encourage every supporter to get to the polls tomorrow. Take an hour or two to make calls to remind Coloradans to vote Yes on 64.
  2. Contribute to the campaign. By chipping in, you can ensure our powerful ads are as widespread as possible through Election Day.
  3. Text your friends and family in Colorado. If you know anyone in Colorado, shoot them a text reminding them to vote Yes on 64. Hearing from you might make a huge difference.

I am so excited to celebrate tomorrow after the polls close at 7pm. But until then, let's do everything we can to help pass Amendment 64.