First Brazilian Publication Dedicated To Cannabis To Debut In May

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'semSemente' Magazine To Launch In Brazil

Marijuana media plays a big role in the overall marijuana movement. If it wasn't for High Times, would we have as many online sites dedicated to cannabis as we do today? I think not. Below is info that was e-mailed to me by some of our friends in Brazil. If you get a chance, check them out, and if you are in Brazil, congratulations on getting your first dedicated magazine!

We have the pleasure to introduce you to semSemente magazine, the first Brazilian publication exclusively dedicated to cannabis culture and drug policy. Our first edition, to be published in May, brings features on the historical decisions of the Supreme Federal Court, the police intervention at Sao Paulo's “crackland”, cannabis literature and the religious use of cannabis by native Brazilians, besides exclusive interviews with the legislator Pedro Abramovay, Cypress Hill bandleader B Real and the ex-medical cannabis patient Alexandre Tomaz.

We also have precious contributions from the neuroscientist Renato Malcher-Lopes (co-author of the book “Marijuana, Brains and Health”), from the journalist Dênis Russo Bugierman (co-author of the book “The end of war: Marijuana and the creation of a new system to deal with drugs”) and comic creators Juca, Daniel Paiva and Arnaldo Branco (who created the super hero “Capitão Presença”/”Captain Stash”). Pictures, infographics, articles, notes and reviews make this first edition complete, wrapping up with a cultivation section signed by none other than the wizard Jorge Cervantes.