June 19, 2018

5 Reasons the Future of Cannabis Cultivation is Data-Driven

June 19, 2018
Cannabis cultivation can benefit as data-driven industries are capable of identifying problems and solutions faster.

5 Reasons the Future of Cannabis Cultivation will be Data-Driven


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As technology continues to transform cultivation techniques across both the cannabis and broader agriculture markets, one has to ask, why are all these new techniques required now? Is this just technology looking for a problem to solve? While skepticism about any new technique is healthy, in this case, all the hype behind data-driven cultivation is very real. As with most industries around the globe, data-driven approaches are transforming how we approach what was once considered a mature industry.

This is because data-driven industries are capable of identifying problems and solutions faster than any other method, as well as enabling said industries to react to these issues in real-time. The result is an iterative process of constant refinement and improvement, one that is not possible without a steady stream of real-time data. With cannabis and agriculture, this ability to understand and react in real-time generates enormous and immediate benefits to the cultivators that implement such techniques.

We define “data-driven” as any cultivation that is leveraging detailed information on the micro-climates within a facility directly from nearby sensors, which is then fed into some type of management system. This management system then enables the cultivator to derive insight on how to manage the facility from the data generated, as well as take action based on those insights. With that definition in mind, let’s take a look at the top five reasons the future of cultivation will be driven by data.

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