High Yields And Small Risks When Growing Marijuana Outdoors


There are many reasons to decide to grow your own marijuana outdoors. One of these must certainly be security. If you grow cannabis indoors a lot of space in your apartment will be devoted to the effort of it. You need a closet for your seedlings, and two separate closets for the older marijuana plants as they move into maturity and flowering. Besides the lights, heat, and smell, growing inside can increase the risks - the marijuana plants are always in your home or on your property and can be traced back to you.

jorge cervantes outdoor marijuana garden time lapse

Unless you severely limit the number of people who are allowed in, the fact that you are growing will be evident to at least a few individuals. One way of reducing indoor odor problems is by using an activated carbon filter. You should also not talk about it to many people, especially neighbors. Want to know more about growing marijuana? 

Bigger Yields

When you grow marijuana indoors, the plants can never grow very large. Using half as much energy and time you can produce cannabis plants two to three times larger with bigger Budd. For indoor growing you need more plants, higher investment and it takes more time and knowledge. But you can harvest six times a year and you have more control of the environmental factors. Both methods have their own advantages.

Cheaper to set up

If you grow cannabis indoors you need to give up at least one room in your house. You also need to buy a lot of expensive equipment like lighting systems, air systems and measuring equipment.

If you grow cannabis outdoors you only need to buy seeds, some things to germinate your seeds and some fertilizers. The other things are provided by nature. Light, water, ventilation and even some nutrients. Try to grow your marijuana on a place that is easy to access so you can take good care of your plants. It's better to check them for bugs and diseases every now and then. And give them some extra nutrients.